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I want to test the reliability of my measurement model (The Technology Acceptance Model (Davis, F.D.)) using Cronbach's Alpha. I am completely unfamiliar with statistical methods and can't make head or tail of how Cronbach's Alpha maths work.

The Technology Acceptance Model has 3 main constructs that I have collected data:

Perceived Usefulness (PU)
Pereceived Ease-of-use (PEoU)
Attitude (ATT)

I have surveyed 50 people with 13 questions:

6 questions relating to PU (PU1, PU2, PU3, PU4, PU5, PU6)
6 questions relating to PEoU (PEoU1, PEoU2, PEoU3, PEoU4, PEoU5, PEoU6)
1 question relating to ATT (ATT1)

Can I insert this into an Excel sheet and apply a formula? If so, how would I do this with the information above?

Or will I have to use stats software like Lisrel8.8 or AMOS5?
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cpadmAuthor Commented:
Don't ask me how there's only 50 points being awarded for this - There seemed to be a bug with the EE website last night when I posted my question. I've upgraded the question to 500.
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cpadmAuthor Commented:
Hi puppydogbuddy,

Apologies for asking this after closing the question - In the weblink:

The author has a column titled "Key/Point". Do you know what this column is for?
cpadmAuthor Commented:
Sorry, the column I'm referring to is in the excel sheet example on that webpage.
I believe the Points column contains the maximum points for each item, which is factored into the computation of "item difficulty" .  See page 3 of  9.
cpadmAuthor Commented:
Now that makes sense! Thanks again!
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