Access denied when transferring folders to new pc

Good Day Experts,

I am currently transferring my files to a new pc from old hard drive cause mother board crashed on me.. I tried transferring my folders from my profile (old hard drive) but an error Access denied showed up. I downloaded unlocker and it help kinda but the folders has to be individually unlock which is very time consuming. Here are some photos:   Error 1  Error 1

Please help.


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If you are using XP Pro
Click on Tools, Folder Options.
Select the View Tab
Down the bottom of the Advanced Settings list, untick use simple file sharing
Click OK

If you are using XP Home
Follow this link first

Now when you right click on the folder and select properties, you should have a security tab
Right click on your old hdd, go to permission and select everyone with full control... it will take some time to apply settings on all file but should resolve ur issue
camad3Author Commented:
It does not do have that option..
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camad3Author Commented:
Here is the right click ooption
camad3Author Commented:
@ supports what steps do i have to follow to inherit all rights to copy and modify?
it should prompt you that do u wana make changes to all file and sub directories and u say yes and then it applies changes to all files and folders

The easiest way to do it is download program called puppy linux . Burn it to a CD then boot your computer to that CD. It will over look windows settings.
BillSystems AdministratorCommented:
You can also access locked user profile areas by the administrative share back door:

If you're a local administrator it should allow you to access your ENTIRE hard drive via a UNC path and with fulladministrative permissions everywhere.
This may help you to copy files freely anywhere you want to.
You must take ownership on files in old drive. Properties->security tab->Advanced->Owner tab . Select your account as new owner and check "replace owner on subcontainers and objects".
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