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How to email the UK with a @live.co.uk extension

I am trying to respond to an email I received to my hotmail.com account but it keeps getting rejected with the following reply:

"This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. Delivery to the following recipients failed. som.cl@live.co.uk"

I assume it has something to do with sending an email from the U.S. to the U.K. Any help on how to respond to this email I was sent would be GREATLy appreciated.

Thank you in advance!
7 Solutions

Please, put all the information form that fail-delivery main here.

What to do depends on full situation description.

But the first thing You could to do - try to write to that e-mail (som.cl@live.co.uk) from another account, for example, from gmail.com.
Sorry, I mean "fail-delivery maiL" :)
mktmakerAuthor Commented:
The delivery mail status is just that short "failed status" that I mentioned above. I tried sending from gmail account with the same exact "failed" message. I also tried using another computer with same result. Is there a possibly a different .extension I should try instead of @live.co.uk if I'm sending from the US? You're help is very much appreciated!
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It just sounds like this guy's email server is not working right. If that's the case there is nothing you can do, it's up to the person who admin's that server.
I think, jar3817 could be right.

But, there is one more possibility.
It could be setting on mail server that fail-answer have to be sent to all unknown adresses.

And other possibility that the e-mail adress "som.cl@live.co.uk" doesn't exist any more.
mktmakerAuthor Commented:
I replied the same day I received the email. I'm thinking the email account must still exist and since I was sent the email originally it must have put my email in its known addresses. Its important I respond since its an old friend overseas and I don't have any other way of contacting them. Is it possible if I used a different .extension like Hotmail.co.uk it would work or anything that has the same server as @live.co.uk? Thank you very much for working on this!
I tested this email address and received the following bounce back error:
    550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable (state 14).

Most of the time, this error means the account has been removed but occasionally the problem is temporary.  Try emailing your friend later.  You could also try emailing som.cl@live.com (US Live Domain) but there is no guarantee this email will go to the right person; Live mail might have different namespaces for each domain.
In general if you receive an auto-generated email then that user would be be existing in the address book of the domain(company) from whr u have received the mail. since no one wants you to reply to such email.

Its just works like that, the domain gateway if doing an LDAP authentication check the directory of the company address book if user exists then it send the mail if it does not exist then. This message can be customized by the recipient domain. so in you case you are receiving one.

Rem if the user exists in the domain then you would never receive such email and its noting to do with sending email to uk or us. Its the DNS mx record which lets the mail know to which IP it has to deliver the mail.
How the above help in understanding the issue.
There is one more possibility!

Sometimes someone sends e-mail from one address but in the e-mail return adress is another - it's possible.

If You could look into Your first letter which You got from that person (but You need to see technical information of the e-mail, mostly it's hidden) - may be You will see if it is so.
mktmakerAuthor Commented:
It was a temporary system failure I tried again and got through. Thank you!

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