Compatability with 2008 Terminal Services

We have a Small Buisness Server with Windows Terminal Server 2008. We have been receiving mixed responses regarding compatabilty with MYOB software. The versions we require clarifcation on are:

MYOB Accounting Plus v13.5 + Version
MYOB Accounting Plus v14 Version
MYOB Accounting Plus v15 Version
MYOB Accounting Plus v16 Version
MYOB Accounting Plus v17 Version
MYOB Accounting Plus v18 Version
MYOB Accounting Plus v18.5 Version
MYOB Account Right Plus v19 Version
MYOB Premier v9 Version

This is urgent so any replies would be greatly appritiated.

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Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>>"Is there anyone else on here that is actually running a 64bit TS 2008 server with older MYOB and QuickBooks software?"

Since you ask; at one site I am currently running 64 bit server 2008 R2 in terminal services mode, and using QuickBooks Pro 2009, and Quicken 2009. As bonus with server 2008, if you are familiar with remote apps, this works very nicely for the client. To be honest I don't know, and I am doubtful Quicken will work with multiple simultaneous suers, but QuickBooks Pro is fine.

I have also over the years set up QuickBooks Pro versions 2004 to 2008 on TS 2003 and 2008 32 bit. QuickBooks pro 2009 and Quicken 2009 are very simple installs, but prior to QuickBooks Pro 2008 QuickBooks did not automatically make all entries necessary to adjust for the terminal services environment. As an example see the following instructions to modify:

Changes such as this or having to add a template file to a user's profile are common with many apps. Often just making the user an administrator gets around many of the issues, but there are serious security concerns with doing so.

Again sorry I have not used MYOB on TS so I have no personal experience.
Keep in mind though the MYOB Plus versions do not seem to support multiple simultaneous sessions, so even on a terminal server you would be limited to one user. I do appreciate it is common in accounting firms to install numerous versions of accounting apps on a TS just to have a copy available to all as a single user.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
I am not familiar with MYOB or at least have not used it for many years, but since there have been no responses:

The "AccountRight Enterprise" version will run on terminal services and actually is designed to do so.

Based on similar accounting applications the others likely do not, although many business accounting applications can be "tweaked" to work on terminal services. The issue being some registry permissions, folder permissions, and shared files have to be added or changed in order to run on a terminal server, both because a server O/S is different and users have to share files simultaneously on a TS which they would not have to on a PC . I am not referring to data files, but rather application files. I haven't come across the "tweaks" necessary for terminal server that seem to be posted for apps like QuickBooks.  I am very doubtful any of the "Plus" versions would work at all as their site states they do not even support multiple users.

For the record if you do want to install terminal services, each user needs a Server CAL (Client Access License) to access the server and a Terminal Server CAL to use Terminal Server. In addition if you wish to integrate/use Office on the Terminal server with Office 2007 and newer you have to buy the Enterprise version in order to install on Terminal server.

Your best bet would be to contact MYOB. I did notice on their web site non of the non-enterprise versions list server O/S's in any of their system requirements.

Just food for thought, I appreciate it is not very definitive.
FrankvanRensburgAuthor Commented:
Hey Rob

Thank you for your reply. I have all the licensing requirements sorted. Thinking about it I have not really come across any old or new software I cannot MAKE work on TS Server, but this case is to high profile to just willie nil lie implement TS 2008.
I am almost sure I have setup a client like this before but on TS 2003 and had little to no problem setting up all their old software.
Because the client will be running a lot more ram I have to opt with 64bit and this makes the job ever harder regarding compatibility.
Is there anyone else on here that is actually running a 64bit TS 2008 server with older MYOB and QuickBooks software?
I asked the client if they can do without the older versions and only run the new, but as they are a financial institute they have a lot of clients that still for some reason use the older versions and thus they are forced to use the old software.
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FrankvanRensburgAuthor Commented:
Oh so by the way MYOB and quickbooks support is about as usefull as a fat spare tyre with helping me with information.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
I have to agree about support. I thought perhaps sales might have that answer, but you are quite right they may not even know what terminal services is.
FrankvanRensburgAuthor Commented:
Thanks mate I appreciate your input and you have confirmed my suspicions. This job looks like a trial before fire before recommending anything to the client. I am going to setup a workshop and see what happens.
If you are interested in the results feel free for contact me.

Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks Frank. Based on support from MYOB being your best bet, a trial would likely be much faster :-)
Many apps work fine on TS, especially as a single user, but others as mentioned, require special permissions.
99% of the time you can eliminate those problems with something like Sysinternals Process Monitor, eliminating one error after another. There usually are only 5-10 changes but it takes quite a while to scan the logs (tens of thousands of entries). If it works as an admin and not a user, it is usually just permissions.

Good luck with the project. Sorry you didn't get any MYOB specific responses.
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