Cannot start VM due to missing hard disk drive

I'm running VMs on ESXi 4 platform. one of my VMs ran into issues due to HDD corruption and now i cannot start the VM. I get the error message
virtual disk 'Hard Disk2' is not accessible on the host:unable to access the file []servername/server.vmdk
I tried to remove the offending harddrive editing the VM settings but i get the message
invalid configuration for device 0.
What do i do?
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1oo4Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You can try editing  <VM_name>.vmx file directly on your datastore.
In your case you will probably have to delete all entries related to scsi:0.1
Try creating another new VM without the disks and then manually add the disks you need linked to the files formerly used by the faulty VM.
adjaddyAuthor Commented:
thanks, 1oo4.
is there no way i could remove references to this drive? and try booting the VM?
Were you running on a snapshot?
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