windows 2008 roaming account

hello All,

i recently setup a windows 2008 server, with xp 7 pro pcs.

i set them up users as roming,
did this in group policy manager, and added path in user profile.

i basically want mydocument, desktop etc to reside on server.
When log on as user the folders are been created on server i.e:
d:\usersfiles\%user%\ (folder desktop, documents etc in here)
i keep getting the following error message on user desktop (windwos 7 pc) when log in?

windwos cannot find local profile and  is logginh on with temporary profile, Changes you must make to this profiole will be lost when you log off.
event id1511

event id 1521,
windows cannot locate the server copy of your romaing proile and attemptint yo log on with your local profile.

also, the items i saved on desktop appear and dissappear every second time i log in.
i.e no icons on desktop, icons on desktop etc..

Hope someone can help here,
Thanks very much,
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edbonlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Cache must be OFF on the profile share:
Properties of share -> advanced sharing -> cache -> Make sure this share is not set to allow offline files

1. rename the roming profile test.v2 on the server to _test.v2
2. logon and logoff the user test, there will be a new profile test.v2
3. delete all files and folders in this new romaing profile test.v2 (do not delete test.v2)
4. copy all files from the renamed profile (_test.v2) in the new roming profile (test.v2)
5. logon the user test and check if it will work again.
6. logoff so the profile will be saved again.

I have seen this problem on a Windows 2008 terminal server and the roaming profiles on a SBS 2008 Server with a account having this trouble and the above solution did fix the problem, I hope it will fix this also for your Windows 7 environment.
cstephen100Author Commented:

Thanks for link,
however i tried this but same result,
i even created a new user and still getting same problem.
Any suggestions?

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cstephen100Author Commented:
i do see some files been saved into in roaming accounts,
i.e in desktop there are some files and icons i placed there,
it seems so strange it works sometimes.

Can you try the following fix:
cstephen100Author Commented:
hi the windows fix didnt work unforunatly,
also there doesnt see, to be any sid.bck in registry,

sorry where do i locate the profile share?  i cant seem to find where i can set the Cache, is it in in user properties?
thanks for help
Hi Stephen,

On you server is a profile directory with a sharename like profiles or profiles$.
On this directory you have to right click and choose Properties -> Sharing -> Advanced Sharing -> Caching -> Check "Files or programs from the share will not be available offline." -> Ok ->Ok -> Close.

Then do step 1 to 6 as described in my previous message.

cstephen100Author Commented:
Thanks for response, I created a folder called "usersfiles" in here all the user file are stored I.e I chafe prolfile on user to point to this(\\server\usersfiles) ,is this the directory you mean?
Yes, that is the folder I mean
cstephen100Author Commented:
It's set to only the files and programs that users specify are available offline. Will I change to second option no files...
cstephen100Author Commented:
hi and thanks,
however i tried all above but still had no luck,
is there any way around this?
hope you can help a bit more?
when i go into server\userfiles\general -> folders are createed again.
cstephen100Author Commented:
its only a new install of server, so all users are new and dont have much data,

is there any issue with setup of server,
is there any privaledges or security i may have set incorrectly on server folder storing userfiles,
hope you can shed some light on it.
Thanks again stephen
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