How to setup Cisco Air Lap 1142n

I have just bougt an this AP

How to a access the webinterface?

I have set i up on the switch (no POE) and with a pwersupplay.

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dusanm011Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I assume you are talking about stand alone AP (not the LWAP ).

So here is exactly what you need.

itofficeAuthor Commented:
Thanks... i got it up and running, but now when i power it up, its like theres is no power on the ap?

I can see the powersuplay is ok... but what can it be?
So you connect power supply in to the wall socket, the other end to AP.

Then Ethernet cable from AP to some switch. Like in the picture below.

And lastly, connect your PC to same switch with Ethernet

  • how do you exactly know that power supply is ok?
  • how do you know there is no power on AP?
  • what is happening with LED's on AP when you connect?

One more thing...

You have to choose ether PoE or power supply that came with AP. You CAN NOT connect on both on the same time. If you do you have to change configuration first.

But, for start just connect it to one power source.

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