Opening XLS DOC on Windows 2008 SBS network share slow

I have setup a Windows Small Business Server 2008, fully updated, and I get long (about 45 seconds to 2 mins) to open XLS and DOC files on a network share residing on this server.

The workstation is Windows 7 Professional fully updated and I get the lag in Office 2007 and 2010 when clicking directly on the file in the share via the windows explorer.

When opening the file directly from the program (Excel or Word) I get no lag.

Furthermore I get the lag only when opening my first (doc or xls) file of the day, all subsequent files open fast from explorer or the application itself.  All XLSX or DOCX work like a charm even the first time.

Seems to be related to the first file opened in ''compatibility mode''.

This is what i tried so far.

- Disabled and uninstalled all anti-virus from both server and workstation to no avail
- Disabled all gpos on the SBS
- Tried DDE tweaks and the % for DOC and XLS
- NoNetcrawling Registry tweak
- added full domain name to the network share (example : \\\share
- added the network locations in excel 2007 or 2010 in the trusted locations
- added the network location as trusted in Internet explorer (example : \\\* )

I tried so many things, I probably forgot a few...

I'm running out of ideas.

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Are you sure the 'lag' is not just the application starting up on the machine for the first time.

Can you:

1. Open the application - say excel
2. minimise excel
3. Browse via explorer to an excel spreadsheet and open

Is there still the lag? If not, sounds like it is just the app starting
please provide informations on you storage configuration

Raid level, stripe size, hd type and qty, array controller type, sever hw type

network speed
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TimeBombAuthor Commented:
Maybe I was unclear :

If I had started, say Excel, then an XLS file from the server share via explorer, it hangs about 45 secs to a couple minutes on only the first XLS file of the day. Even if Excel was opened prior.

If I were to open Excel then a XLSX, the file comes up rapidly.
If I were to open a XLS file subsequent to that XLSX file and it's the first daily XLS file I get from the server share i do get lag or hangtime.

After that first hang, I can get all XLS or DOC files and no more hangtime or lag for the whole day

So no it does not help to open the application before hand.

Another thing I had done on the server and workstation, I disabled the NIC sleep function.
TimeBombAuthor Commented:
I have experienced this behavior on all of my customers SBS2008 environments with Windows 7 as a Workstation and Office 2007 or Office 2010.  User rights are local admin on their own PC.

To be specific on material, many are using ASUS Z8NA-D6C MB, RAID1, Default Stripe Size on Intel ICH10R,
Disk size 500GB.

Network speed is Gigabit.

NOD32 anti-virus
this then points to a different cause of the problem

It think it has something to do with SMB 2.0 and maybe IPv6

I would update first the SMB 2.0 hotfixes
TimeBombAuthor Commented:
I will try the proposed solutions this week-end and get back to you monday.

TimeBombAuthor Commented:
I tested all hotfixes that applied, it did not solve the issue.

I tested with SP2 for Windows 2008, it did not solve the issue.

But disabling SMB2 on both the Small business server 2008 and Windows 7 clients seems to have solved the issue.

I will test for a few days and award the points if it sticks.

Will there be any performance downside to disabling this feature?
SMB 2.0 is supposed increases performance for copying date, latency issues etc.

but if you happy with the current network performance and if you don't have any latency issues I wouldn't care
TimeBombAuthor Commented:
It does not seem to slow things down at all...  I'll keep an eye on it, but for now all is great.

Thanks again for helping me resolve this issue!
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