How to list all Exchange 2003 mailboxes in a txt or csv?

I have one domain with multile storage groups and mailbox stores. I want to generate a listing of AD accounts that have e-mail addresses that I can then import to Excel. I've seem to forgotten how to do it. I do have an old log that shows first name, last name, mailbox size, number of items. Something like that would be helpful. I'm on Exchange 2003.

Thanks ladies and gents!
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endital1097Connect With a Mentor Commented:
expand the store and select mailboxes
right-click on Mailboxes and select Export list
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I have a lot of mailbox stores and storage groups. There isn't one overall export feature that will work?
there may be a way to get it using vbscript, but i don't have any code
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Overall this was the quickest solution. I saved the text file from each Mailbox Store then combined them in Excel. Thank you.
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