Cisco UC500 Can't do voice calls between extensions in same remote site, but back to main office UC520 works fine

  I have a UC500 setup as EZVPN server.  Remote site is vpn remote and the phones work fine when calling outside lines or extensions in main site.  The problem i am encountering is that the phones in the remote site cannot call eachother via extension.  The phones ring and show whos calling, but on pickup the line is dead or hangs.

Let me know what you need me to provide.  I have already confirmed that ip is routing between sites.  Ping tests confirm routing is working, also the phones in remote site would not work if routing was not working.  I know that the phones are supposed to talk directly to eachother after initial dialing of extension...

Any help is appreciated!
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blackssConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I would, but I think I figured it out.  Ill post back if this doesn't work later today and thanks for your response.
I do not understand some things, and I need further clarification.

If you have configured EZVPN, this should mean that remote users accessing your site through the Cisco VPN client, and to use CIPC, OK?
Or remote location means that you have more UC device's  that you want to connect?
Can you explain your configuration more closely please?
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