Cannot connect to Site Database after moving SCCM database

We are moving the SCCM database to SQL server 2008. The SCCM database is now on SQL server 2005. We did everything such as:
- Moving a Database from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2008
- I did this step in the following link to modify the SQL configuration
Everything were done successfully. When I tried to open SCCM console, It opened the smail window "Connecting to Site Database (xxx-SCCM, Company). It runs forever and does not stop. I canceled it and opened again. However, I still got that windows.
Do you have any idea?
Thank you
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TarekIsmailConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It run successfully, so you modifiy the SMS provider configuraton to the new selected server.

WHat you mean by old SQL site , do you mean old SQL database on the old server?

to move /modifiy the SMS provider to SCCM server, you already do this in your last step.

I hope we are running in a good state , and SMS moved correctly!
Good Luck!
Tarek Ismail
Ensure the primary site server computer account has administrative privileges over the new site database server computer.

also make sure the computer account has logon to SQL database as attached settings
then delete the site database from the console , and try to connect again.

dongocdungAuthor Commented:
I have SCCM computer account as local Admin in SQL server 2008. I also did some steps that you asked me to do. However, i still got that windows running forever
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OK , we need to check the SmsAdminUI log file:

close all SCCM console
go to thew following path
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminUI\AdminUILog
rename the SmsAdminUI to SmsAdminU-old
open the SCCM console again, connect the SCCM server wait for some time to get the log
send the log to check it , hopping to get a solution for your issue.
HI dongocdung:

also we need to check the SMS provider location
is it located on the old SQL server or on SCCM server.
any way you need to check the location first using KB below
KB: How to Verify Namespace and Server Connectivity

I think you need to move SMS provider using KB below
How to Move the SMS Provider
dongocdungAuthor Commented:
I did change the log file name but it did not work. When I verified the SMS provider location, I entered the \\sccm\roots\sms in Namespace but I got this error msg
"Number: 0x8004100e
Facility: WMI
Description: Invalid namespace"
good , so our issue is the SMS provider was located with the old SQL server

now we need to move SMS provider using the same wizrad like chnageing sql server
dongocdungAuthor Commented:
When I Select
Select Modify SMS Provider configuration on the Configuration Manager Setup Wizard Site Maintenance page.
and I entered the new SQL server but I got this error msg

"Setup has detected an open MMC instance. Any open MMC instance must be closed before continueing"
i dont know who to know the used console , but you can restart your SQL , then restart your SCCM server.
then run the wizard again , and i recommend to host SMS provider on SCCM server not SQL server.

I hope restart will close all Connected console.
dongocdungAuthor Commented:
It run successfully. How do I need to delete the old SQL site? Do I just right click and delete it? Also, could you please show me how to move SMS provider to SCCM server.
Thank you
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