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What's preventing speed/duplex change on cisco 2811?

I have a remote office with a Cisco 2811.  I cannot change the speed or duplex settings on the Gigabit interface.  Is there another setting that would prevent this, or is this particular interface not  a 10/100/1000?

Here is the version of the hardware:

Cisco IOS Software, 2800 Software (C2800NM-ADVIPSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.4(24)T, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

Cisco 2811 (revision 53.51) with 241664K/20480K bytes of memory.
Processor board ID FTX1105A2WZ
6 FastEthernet interfaces
1 Gigabit Ethernet interface
1 terminal line
1 Virtual Private Network (VPN) Module
1 Solution
You should be able to change, what does it say?
parktsincAuthor Commented:
It is not an option available.

ROUTER#conf t
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
ROUTER(config)#int g1/0
Interface configuration commands:
  access-expression       Build a bridge boolean access expression
  arp                     Set arp type (arpa, probe, snap) or timeout or log
  ase                     Configure ASE on an interface
  backup                  Modify backup parameters
  bandwidth               Set bandwidth informational parameter
  bfd                     BFD interface configuration commands
  bgp-policy              Apply policy propagated by bgp community string
  bridge-group            Transparent bridging interface parameters
  carrier-delay           Specify delay for interface transitions
  cdp                     CDP interface subcommands
  channel-group           Add this interface to an Etherchannel group
  clns                    CLNS interface subcommands
  cmns                    OSI CMNS
  crypto                  Encryption/Decryption commands
  custom-queue-list       Assign a custom queue list to an interface
  cwmp                    Configure CPE WAN Management Protocol(CWMP) on this
  dampening               Enable event dampening
  default                 Set a command to its defaults
  delay                   Specify interface throughput delay
  description             Interface specific description
  dot1q                   dot1q interface configuration commands
  dot1x                   Interface Config Commands for IEEE 802.1X
  eigrp                   EIGRP interface specific commands
  eou                     EAPoUDP Interface Configuration Commands
  ethernet                Ethernet interface parameters
  exit                    Exit from interface configuration mode
  fair-queue              Enable Fair Queuing on an Interface
  flow-sampler            Attach flow sampler to the interface
  glbp                    Gateway Load Balancing Protocol interface commands
  h323-gateway            Configure H323 Gateway
  help                    Description of the interactive help system
  hold-queue              Set hold queue depth
  ip                      Interface Internet Protocol config commands
  iphc-profile            Configure IPHC profile
  ipv6                    IPv6 interface subcommands
  isis                    IS-IS commands
  iso-igrp                ISO-IGRP interface subcommands
  keepalive               Enable keepalive
  l2-filter               Set Layer2 ACL for packet received by upper layer
  llc2                    LLC2 Interface Subcommands
  load-interval           Specify interval for load calculation for an
  logging                 Configure logging for interface
  loopback                Configure internal loopback on an interface
  mac-address             Manually set interface MAC address
  macro                   Command macro
  max-reserved-bandwidth  Maximum Reservable Bandwidth on an Interface
  mls                     mls interface commands
  mop                     DEC MOP server commands
  mpls                    Configure MPLS interface parameters
  mtu                     Set the interface Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU)
  netbios                 Use a defined NETBIOS access list or enable
  no                      Negate a command or set its defaults
  ntp                     Configure NTP
  pagp                    PAgP interface subcommands
  power                   power configuration
  pppoe                   pppoe interface subcommands
  pppoe-client            pppoe client
  priority-group          Assign a priority group to an interface
  random-detect           Enable Weighted Random Early Detection (WRED) on an
  rate-limit              Rate Limit
  routing                 Per-interface routing configuration
  service-policy          Configure QoS Service Policy
  shutdown                Shutdown the selected interface
  snapshot                Configure snapshot support on the interface
  snmp                    Modify SNMP interface parameters
  source                  Get config from another source
  standby                 HSRP interface configuration commands
  tarp                    TARP interface subcommands
  timeout                 Define timeout values for this interface
  traffic-shape           Enable Traffic Shaping on an Interface or
  transmit-interface      Assign a transmit interface to a receive-only
  transport-opt           Enable Transport Optimization on an Interface or a
  tx-ring-limit           Configure PA level transmit ring limit
  vlan-id                 Process VLAN-encapsulated packets with a specific
                          VLAN ID
  vlan-range              Process VLAN-encapsulated packets with a range of
                          VLAN IDs
  vrf                     VPN Routing/Forwarding parameters on the interface
  vrrp                    VRRP Interface configuration commands
  xconnect                Xconnect commands
  zone-member             Apply zone name

If I look at one of the fastethernet interfaces I see both the duplex and speed as one of the commands I can use.  It's very strange.

Here is the current configuration for the interface:

interface GigabitEthernet1/0
 description e-WAN link Tulsa
 bandwidth 10000
 ip address 10.xxx.yyy.zzz
 ip nat outside
 ip virtual-reassembly
 no mop enabled

Please post:

show controllers gigabit1/0

If this is a fiber module, you will not have the option to change the duplex/speed, the specs state that the only option is auto.

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I assume you have 1Gig Network module installed, and that you use a Copper GBIC (WS-G5483) or SFP (GLC-T or SFP-GE-T): The Copper GBICs and SFPs does not support 10/100/1000BASE-T, but only 1000BASE-T (i.e. no speed or duplex settings.

However, devices (like the 3800 routers) that have dual-function ports (where you can choose to use either the onboard UTP or the SFP module), the on-board UTP port is 10/100/1000BASE-T.
parktsincAuthor Commented:
I did not think it was a separate module, here is the output from show controller g1/0:

FNCTULNETR01#show controller g1/0
Interface GigabitEthernet1/0 (idb 0x48B7BC7C), State is up
Hardware is Marvell 88E8000
  Network connection mode is FORCE
  Network link is up

  HWIDB Parameters:
   max_pak_size = 1514
   Rx cache size = 384
   Rx available buffers = 256

  Status and error counts:
   Num Paks in Tx Ring = 0              Tx Carrier Loss     = 2
   Reset Restart       = 2              ISL inner CRC Error = 0
   Throttled           = 0              Enabled             = 0
   Disabled            = 1              Resets              = 3
   Reset Init          = 1              Chip restarts       = 0
   Rx Nobuffer         = 0              Rx Empty Paks       = 0
   ILP Recvry Timeouts = 0

  HW Error Counters:
   RxQ Encoding Errors = 0              TxQ Encoding Errors = 0
   RxQ Parity Errors   = 0              GMAC Parity Errors  = 0
   RAM If Parity Err WR= 0              RAM If Parity Err RD= 0
   PCI Master Acc. Err = 0              Time Stamp Overflow = 0

  Interrupt counts:
   Rx Intr Count       = 196356237      Tx Intr Count       = 2940597491
   Other Intr Count    = 15844151

  GMAC Chip Information:
   PCI Device Num   = 129
   PCI Bus Num      = 0
   Vendor ID        = 0x43201148
   PCI Rev          = 0x10
   PCI Slot Size    = 32 bit
   PCI Clock Speed  = 66 MHz
   Chip ID          = 0xB0
   GMACs Found      = 0x1
   GMAC Rev         = 0x1
   GMAC RAM Size    = 128
   PMD Type         = 0x0
   PHY Type         = 0x5
   Connector Type   = 0x0
   Copper Type      = 0

  Software MAC Address Filter (hash:length/addr/mask/hits)
   000:  0  ffff.ffff.ffff  0000.0000.0000   1470582
   084:  0  0100.5e00.000a  0000.0000.0000   1905930
   192:  0  0100.0ccc.cccc  0000.0000.0000    440977
   192:  1  0180.c200.0002  0000.0000.0000         0
   197:  0  0180.c200.0007  0000.0000.0000         0
   224:  0  0019.30da.a6d0  0000.0000.0000 -551794649

   Software filtered frames: 1140125
   Unicast overflow mode:   1
   Multicast overflow mode: 1
   Promiscuous mode:        0

  HW MAC Address Filter
   Unicast Addr1: 0000.0000.0000
   Unicast Addr2: 0000.0000.0000
   Unicast HW Filter Count   : 2

   Multicast Hash Register 1: 0x20
   Multicast Hash Register 2: 0x00
   Multicast Hash Register 3: 0x4001
   Multicast Hash Register 4: 0x04
   HW unicast filter enabled: No
   HW multicast filter enabled: Yes

I didn't paste the register or Tx or Rx output unless that is necessary?
Yeah, that is the high speed network module, you do not have the option to set the duplex and/or speed.

parktsincAuthor Commented:
Thanks, that explains it.
parktsincAuthor Commented:
Actually, it turns out the interface is not a high speed network module.  It is the gigabit interface on an 16 port switch module installed in the router (NME 16).  In order to modify the duplex and speed I need to session into the switch module.  while the answer is not the one that resolved the issue, it did help me go back to the router and have some pictures taken to confirm the physical configuration.
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