HTML from photoshop image

Hi experts,
the graphiset I work with provides image of a web site page in photoshop format. Is there is a wai to find people in India that would take those images and transfrom then in htl page easily (CSS, html javascript... all that From a nice photoshop screen shots of a web page).

Maybe there are some good tools that would do it easily tow ?

Thank you experts.
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rajaamirapuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
See the following link and see the answer from said_fox
If required pl contact me on raja dot amirapu at If will help with it

Yes there are people please contact my friend at
You can use adobe firework to export them from photoshop to the web I believe....
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yes pl contact them. he will help you
Justin ImesConnect With a Mentor Full Time SharePoint JediCommented:
you could easily slice it yourself in photoshop and it will build a tabled html page for you. (if you save for web)

or you could use fireworks, which will slice it the same but keep it less tabled...

or you could contact me,
swtwebdesignConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I use and they provide excellent service.

I have a designer on staff here at our office who designs the site's and then I have the company above break it out. Finally, I install any advanced systems and CMS into the site once I get it back. It makes for a  very streamlined process.
As jimes82 says you can do it in photoshop.
Just use the knife/slice tool and create boxes around the sections of the design

Then go to save for web and choose save options as html & images

name it and open in dreamweaver then the rest is for you to play with. :-)
ymazal_caAuthor Commented:
But, if you do it in photoshop, how would it do with drop downs and everything, is it enought inteligent to generate everything with css and all that ?
ymazal_caAuthor Commented:
Is there any free tool out there, because I don`t want to use a crack version of photoshop and tbhere is no udget to by it right now...
David BruggeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are no free tools to convert from a Photoshop file. Without owning Photoshop, you are best to let a service do the job for you.

You could download a trial version of Photoshop, but it takes a long time to learn. I doubt that you could learn how to export HTML including drop down boxes within the 30 days that the trial lasts.

Here is a very good link to the top 20 service providers that translate Photoshop files into web pages...

ymazal_caAuthor Commented:
Raj, this solution seems to be very interesting, but spending about 300$ on such a thing is way too much for now. Becide, photoshop has to be baught (crock is not an option since everything has to be legal without steeling...).

Is there something else to begin, if there is money, that thing could be baught latter on...

Thank you for the suggestion anyway. If its so expenssive, I`m sure it does a good job (since that what said_fox says there).
David BruggeCommented:
If you looked at any of the links to the service providers that I listed, you will see that their prices start at $39 for a basic HTML page from psd file, and no need to buy photoshop.
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