Windows 7 Network issue

I have just purchased a new Dell pc for a client's home with Windows 7 Professional (32 bit) installed. After installing some basic apps (office/skype/itunes to name a few), I have a problem that occurs. The symptoms are, internet explorer will not open (shows as running in task manager), the network icon in the taskbar has the rotating 'egg-timer' on it and reports no network connection - however, I have been diagnosing using LogMeInRescue so there's obviously a connection working to some extent! Also, the network and sharing center doesn't open to add to the case for a network issue of some sort.
I can successfully use system restore to go back a day or two and the problem is again ok but soon re-appears (within 24 hours). I checked the event logs and saw a few warnings/errors relating to a printer driver which I have since removed but the problem is still there. I've run a full scan using avg in safe mode with no problems reported.
Any ideas please?
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nigelr99Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Sorry for delay - only just had access to pc again.
I ended up sort of struggling with the services trace etc. and a malware scan when the problem was evident again gave no warnings. System services check also gave no errors still.
So in the interests of time, I did an upgrade install from the dvd. It seems to have fixed the issue.
It looks like the server service was the main problem in the event log but I'm at the age where I haven't got the time to question these things for too long :-). Thanks for your help, not really sure what to do with points so open to suggestions!
Jeff PerkinsOwnerCommented:
Could be a malware issue, AVG won't pick up everything. First thing to do is run malwarebytes, the free version, do a full scan after updating.  If you aren't familiar with this you can get it at:

If still no joy, go to and in the upper right corner download hijackthis.  Run that and save the log file.  You can attach the log file here and I'll have a look at it for you.
nigelr99Author Commented:
Thanks for the reply.
I scanned with malwarebytes - no poblems.
I scanned with hijackthis and have attached the logfile.
I've also examined the system event log and there's lots of errors there such as on the screenshot attached.
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nigelr99Author Commented:
Please note - I performed the scans after a recent system restore; not when the problem was happening.
It looks like one of your windows services isn't starting up.  Check all the listed services in the event viewer and make sure they or their dependancies are running.  For example, the error highlighted above says that the workstation service needs the Network Store Interface Service to start.  So go to Start -> Run, and Type "services.msc", and go to the Network Store Interface service.  If it isn't running, try right clicking it an starting it.  If it still won't start up, try running the system file check, you might have a corrupt service file.

Jeff PerkinsOwnerCommented:
Ditto to Russell's comment.  I did not see your hijackthis log, you can also evaluate that at
It would probably prove even more helpful to scan when the service is down, but there may be some trace of the bad guy in there even after doing restore. Obviously if that is what is causing this, something stays behind, or someone is visiting an infected location to re-aquire it.
Jeff PerkinsOwnerCommented:
Doesn't seem like anything I suggested helped, without reading through the posts again, my suggestion would be you solved your own question.... so ask for refund and have the question PAQ'd for anyone with similar problem in the future.
   Unless someone else objects....
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