Cisco 2811 to Cisco 2911

Hello there,
Can someone please guide me in steps how to copy and paste my running config from 2811 to the new router 2911.  My existing router is 2811 and is there an easy way to let the old router 2811 be working and check the new one working as well?
amanzoorNetwork infrastructure AdminAsked:
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hau_itConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hi there,

you can give show rum to your old router and then copy then select and copy the config to a notepad.
Change all passwords if they are encrypted to normal words and remove any text that is not comands.
Then go to user mode to your new router and copy and paste the config from your notepad.
Another way is to use a usb stick (2800 series have usb port i am not sure about 2900).
In your old router gibe copy run usb0:
then insert the usb to your new router and give the command copy usb: run

if you ant to have both routers, then just swap the cables from your old to your new router and check if your config works. When you verify that everything is fine you can remove the old router.

You really cant have both routers up and running (processing traffic) at the same time.  Hau it has the best way forward though, have the old router up and running, get all of the config on the new router, bring it to the location of the old router, power it on then once it is up move the cables to the new router.  If the configuration does not work then just swap the cables back to the old router.
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