Outlook locking up when adding a contact.

I have a PC that outlook is locking up when adding a contact from a recieved email. It does not lock up when I am in outlook safe mode or if I add a new contact.
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go-ut-volsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I deleted the user and recreated, problem solved
Michael KnightCommented:
Contacts are tied in some obscure fashion to default dialing properties. Have you set up your default dialing properties?
Close all applications then from control panel, double click phone and modem options.
Click on New to create new dialing rule, enter location name, select the country you are in and type in your area code, left the rest blank.

When you are finish, set the new entry as default then delete the old one.
try that first. If it works peachy if not have you scaned/repaired your PST(assuming imap/pop3)   http://support.microsoft.com/kb/287497 ?

Michael KnightCommented:
"When you are finish"  -  that'll teach me to copy/paste from other peoples posts.
go-ut-volsAuthor Commented:
It worked
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