SOAP: how do I check if SOAP is installed in my Win2003 server?

Hello Experts,

how do I check if SOAP is installed in my Win2003 server?

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mooodiecrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Best way would be to search for this key in your registry under HKEY\CLASSES\ROOT and search for MSSOAP.SoapClient ... This will tell you if it is installed and what version you actually installed.
epifanio67Author Commented:
Thank you!

but, it is an actual piece of SW installed in the system? or is it like a java sdk?

thx so much
mooodiecrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you install SOAP, if you install everything, you get the
-WSDL Generator
-ISAPI Listener
-Debugging Utilities
-C++ Support Files
and the Microsoft XML Parser.

These are programs that are listeners and COM+ descriptions that allow you to perform certain web service capabilities for COM components and some applications.  So kind of like and SDK but more of like a schema update to the COM properties.
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epifanio67Author Commented:
thx so much,

but this wouldn't appear in the win start, programs listing, correct?


when I open a browser under localhost:8080, correct?

it is just a library under the file system.....

thx again for all your help...

mooodiecrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No, there is nothing in the start -> run -> etc.. or to connect to on any port.  It is a one-way transmission from a sender to receiver.  SOAP is Simple Object Access Protocol and it is really 2 things.  A protocol to use in XML -> HTML webpages and it also acts as a library when using embeded code.

This means it is accessible to a new protocol that can be used with HTTP. "SOAP messages are often combined to implement patterns such as request/response. All SOAP messages are encoded using XML, which is an XML document that consists of a mandatory SOAP envelope, an optional SOAP header, and a mandatory SOAP body. "
epifanio67Author Commented:
got it... thank you so much!
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