Error No MSHTML document is available AbcPDF v7


I have tried the following:

Set theDoc = Server.CreateObject("ABCpdf7.Doc")
Response.Write("License: " & theDoc.License & "<br>")

This works fine, results in Professional License

Then tried the following:

Set theDoc = Server.CreateObject("ABCpdf7.Doc")
theDoc.AddImageUrl ""
theDoc.Save "C:\pdfs\test.pdf"

I have set the permissions correctly, but recieve an error:

ABCpdf error '80070000'

Unable to render HTML. No MSHTML document is available.

/abcpdftest/pdftest.asp, line 11

Line is: theDoc.AddImageUrl ""

Any help is appreciated.

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sanjshah12Author Commented:

I have tried the suggestions in the linked message but still cannot get this to work, any other potential ideas?
Did you ever find a solution to the problem you posted about "Unable to render HTML. No MSHTML document is available." in abcPDF7? I have the same issue now after installing it on one of my servers. Thanks.
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sanjshah12Author Commented:
code4food, unfortunately nope no solution yet.
I changed back to abcPDF version 6.1 proffesional COM (not .net) and it worked without a problem. I only needed the COM version, not the .net version. That was my solution - not much of one but it works!
sanjshah12Author Commented:
Thanks I have asked to download version 6.1 from Cleverbridge.

sanjshah12Author Commented:
Still could not get this to work, what components does MSHTML rely on?
  I recently loaded abcPDF7 .Net onto a Windows 2003 Server, wincing, because I was afraid of seeing the same problem that you did, and which I encountered on a different server. To my surprise, it worked flawlessly. It made me think about this question, so I have done a little investigation, and this is what I have come up with:

1.) The problem ("bad") server has versions 1.1, 2 and 4 on it. The "good" server has only versions 1.1 and 2.  On the good server, the site is operating under version 2.0.50727. On the bad server, I had already removed the abcpdf7 component. I also noticed the site is operating under version 1.1.  I switched the version to 2.0.50727, and reinstalled the abcPDF7 .Net component. Guess what? It worked this time on the "bad"server.

Please try that out. Make sure the site is running in version 2, and run the site. If that does not work, remove abcpdf7 and then reinstall leaving your site set at 2. It should work.

sanjshah12Author Commented:
Thanks code4food for looking into this, I'll check .Net version and ensure its running .NET 2 as suggested and let you know the result.
Unfortunatelly, all the solutions didn't work for me.
My solution consists in installing the latest version on ABCpdf, version 8.
The default behavior presents the same problem but there is an intresting workaround. From v. 8 ABCpdf includes a native Gecko render engine instead of relying on IE. So, after creating the document, set the Gecko engine... and enjoy!
This is how it is done
Set theDoc = Server.CreateObject("ABCpdf8.Doc")

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