Installing IE8 through WSUS 3.2

I am researching into install IE8 throughout our network with WSUS Version 3.2. I am new to this product so have been reading up on it to familiarize myself with it. The problem is our network and bandwidth. We have over 200 sites, with varying bandwidth for 2 mb’s – 8mb’s, with the 2 main regional sites a 100 MB link to a co-location. There are about 1500 machines, with approx 300 of those below spec. Most of the machines are on IE6, with some newer machines on IE/IE7. The document that I have found are these 2 regarding the install:

Can anyone give me advice on installing this, or has done a similar project to this. Any question or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Donald StewartConnect With a Mentor Network AdministratorCommented:
There's two ways you could go about it when using WSUS.
1. You could use throttle bandwidth option
2. You could set up WSUS to not store content locally and then the client machines would go directly to Microsoft for updates.<<<You'll still control the approvals and receive the reports. More here
Is it possbile for you to have a wsus server at the larger remote sites.  If so then you can place one there that is a basically just a repsoitory for the site.  That way you don't push the entire install over the WAN link to all the computers at your remote site.  It pushes to the local WSUS server and then the local machines can get the install binaries from there.

LCMauriceAuthor Commented:
Unfortunetely the WSUS server is only on 1 server in 1 location. Its a bit of a jungle out of the 100 MB link, so thats where the problem is. I need to create an IEAK too right? Still lots of work ahead,so any imput would be appreciated
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well that depends with how you want to install IE8.  you can do the default install without IEAK.  If you need to customize it for your site then you need IEAK but I don't think you can push out a custom IE8 via WSUS.  WSUS doesn't do any type of bandwidth throttling that I am aware of and there isn't a way to have it pull from a non wsus repository.  WSUS may not be the best choice for this particular installation though.  

something like this may be a better option for you as you can package up the msi and then copy to a local location and the site and deploy it via GPO or login script.
Donald StewartNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Go over these...
Install WSUS 3.0 - Step-By-Step
WSUS: How To Throttle BITS
 Internet Explorer 8 Deployment Guide 
 Disable the IE 8 first run wizard and welcome page option for all  user accounts using GPO

LCMauriceAuthor Commented:
Hi willettmeister,
Unfortunetely we only have one centralized file server in the co-location so even if i did ploy it by GPO,it would still have to be pulled from the server,and the bandwidth is the major issue with the install.
So, would WSUS still be the way to deploy it or should i be looking down the lines of G.P? The main issue with G.P, is configuring the GPO as far as i can see. Why cant IE be a simple install like firefox and MS makes things so difficult!

Cheers for that...ill have a look over it. The disable IE run wizard is a handy tool too.....
LCMauriceAuthor Commented:
Because of low bandwidth and approx 200 sites nationwide, would i be better to install this via G.P than WSUS, or would i use the WSUS bandwidth throttle BITS? im not too up on WSUS, and have uses GP many times before
Hope you can help
LCMauriceAuthor Commented:
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