Sharepoint Forundation - System setting are missing "Incoming email settings" link

I'm trying to activate incoming mail on a Sharepoint Foundation site and did the instalaltion as normal on a Hyper V 2008 Virtual server.

How ever the "Incoming email settings" link are missing under Central Administration/System settings.

How can I get this feature installed?
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FastFngrzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to run IE with elevated permissions!  Or access CA from a client
Justin SmithConnect With a Mentor Sr. System EngineerCommented:
Do you have SMTP service running on the server?
kimnikoAuthor Commented:

I have set up this under IIS 6 manager, but this was after installation of SPF. So maybe thats why?
How ever I did it the same ways on my client installation with no problem.
kimnikoAuthor Commented:
I tried in both IE and Firefox.

Logged in as Farm Administrator with Permission Level = Full control. Is this not the highest level ?

I think I'll try to re install SPF :).

kimnikoAuthor Commented:
”IE Enhanced Security Configuration” in "Server Manager" should be set to Off for Administrators...

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