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Posted on 2010-09-23
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Last Modified: 2012-05-10
I'm getting ready to buy a new home entertainment system and had some questions about setting up the system and how it will all work.

I am going to by a 60" LED Samsung TV that I am gonig to wall mount.  I have an old Toshiba DVD player, but I thought I might get a blue ray player.  I also want to get a logitech universal remote.  Finally, I have an old NAD reciever, that is actually pretty good.  it is a great reciever that I have no intention of throwing away, so I want to continue to use that.

Now, I have my computer system with a combo wireless/wired linksys router and I have itunes with a library of music and I have Netflix.

How is the performance of the Netflix on the TV work?  Is it fast?  Is it choppy?  I have a DSL connection.  Should it be wired or is the wireless connection sufficient?  

Will the universal remote work wth my old NAD reciever?

Honestly, I'm terrible with electronic setup. Would it be worth having the Best Buy geek squad configure the entertainment system?  Would there be another option to have someone configure my system instead of Best Buy that might do a better job?

Is the blue ray backwards compatible with my old DVDs (I assume it is).  Will it also play my CDs?  Not sure abut that one.

I've heard that I can also get an application on my iPhone that can control my entertainment system to change music.  If so, does anyone know what application that is?

Any suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated.  

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Lot of questions there and I'll do my best, but most of them will require more information from you

"How is the performance of the Netflix on the TV work?  Is it fast?  Is it choppy? "

Performance really depends on the PC and video card, compression/size of the file, you told me nothing of the PC and video card.   You're right your DSL bandwidth will come into play as well.

I have a DSL connection.  Should it be wired or is the wireless connection sufficient?  

Wired is almost always preferred for video  100mB or 1000mB/s  vs. 3-10mB/s for wireless, Netflix and others will not degrade your picture automatically to minimize stuttering or buferring but at the cost of resolultion and Frames per second.

Will the universal remote work wth my old NAD reciever?

Probably but....what Universal remote?  what NAD receiver?   which model numbers?

Honestly, I'm terrible with electronic setup. Would it be worth having the Best Buy geek squad configure the entertainment system?

Maybe but personally I hate the Geek Squad concept, they (BB) are hiring anyone they can find and you can "get lucky" or strike out miserably with a new guy.

"Is the blue ray backwards compatible with my old DVDs (I assume it is).  Will it also play my CDs?  Not sure abut that one."

Yes and Yes!!

"...know what application that is?"

There are quite a few to chose from  AirTunes, VLC, TVVersity, Zumocast, and others....

Finally as to other recommendations ----

If you want to learn how to DIY there is not better source than
You will find a lot of free advice if you can post in the right category there....

If you want to "hire someone" you might still start with the avsforum as there are region specific sub-groups for most of the country, try computer and or A/V shops near you, craigslist, friends and family, etc...

Where are you anyway?


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First and foremost: Logitech Harmony remotes are outstanding. They can do just about anything. If your old NAD has it's own remote control, then the Logitech will work. In the worst case, you may have to manually "teach" the Logitech all the codes from the NAD that you will need.

Does the Samsung TV have Netflix capability embedded? Some of them do now. If not, I would look at a Samsung Blu-Ray with built-in Netflix. Otherwise, how are you going to connect PC video. If you go with embedded Netflix, then you will need ethernet cable to the device, or buy a Samsung wireless adapter at additional cost.

I have cable internet (Comcast) and Netflix quality is just fine. It's not 1080p, but it still looks good. They handle the buffering very well. There are hardly any hiccups. Wireless would be fine, wireless-G is still faster than your internet connection.

Blu-Ray players will play DVD, just not the dead HD-DVD format. Every one that I have owned also plays music CDs

I can't comment on the iPhone. I guess that depends on what device is sending the audio stream to the stereo. Are you just going to connect Line-Out on your PC to the NAD?

Did I miss anything? Did I give more questions than answers? A lot does depend on how everything is connected. It's not fun, especially when compensating for older equipment. I bought my surround sound AV receiver just before HDMI got popular. Now I wish I had one that could handle the all video switching. Without that capability, just make sure the new TV has enough inputs for everything you want to connect.

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Hey Guys,

Thanks for the help!  I sincerely appreciate it.

To answer your questions.  First, I'm located in Austin, Texas.  Sounds like I need to skip the geek squad and get someone more professional to help setup my system.

The model of the Logitech Universal remote is the Harmony that I want to get and my NAD reciever is a Stereo Reciever 701.  It definitely has a remote, so I assume it can be configured to work with the Logitech Harmony remote.

I am pretty sure the Samsung LED TV has Netflix embedded now that you mention that.  I was mistakenly under the impression that I had to somehow connect to my PC for that.  So, if I can use that directly from the TV, that would be fantastic.

I was needing someone to help with the setup because there seems to be so many nuances with running the cable and how to wire up the different components.  I ideally would like it done right so I can reap the full benefits of the entertainment system.

Being able to play my music from my iTunes playlists on my PC would be ideal and getting the application on my iPhone that can manipulate my music would be ideal as well.

Does that answer all the questions?  Or, did I miss anything.

Oh, thanks for the link to the forum, I'll definitely check that out!

Best Regards!!

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Yes the logitech harmony will control everything you described.

if you can plug ethernet into your TV for netflix that will settle that for you as well.

As you know the NAD 701 isn't really a modern AVR,

I wouldn't run video into it at all, as much as it was great in it's day - 1992 was a long time ago....that might be the next thing for which you go shopping, as I don't even think it will 5.1 Dolby Surround for your movies.   For $200-$500 you can get something a bit more modern.

That said, you could probably run iTunes at line level out of a PC into that amp and to your speakers.

As to the setup I'm certain that you can find plenty of help at little or no cost in Austin if you ask around a bit, I was worried you might be on some farm in North Dakota.

FYI this is what I built last year

The HTPC is really amazing for $200 it does everything I wanted to do and then some....

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