Windows 7 grant permission on registry Key


i need to Grant permission on some registry key and i have access denied
event when i log with FULL admin right
and even when i right click as admin ....access denied !
Victor CharpentierIt technicianAsked:
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LotokConnect With a Mentor Commented:
right click the registry key and select permissions, then press advanced button.
Does any account have full control? Make sure you run the regedit tool as elevated.

Why would you need you need to edit that reg key?
Logon to the machine in safe mode.

Windows 7 and Vista have a 100,200,300,400 permission structure

100 -IE
200- User
300- Admin
400 - System

When you logon to safe mode you are given level 400.
Mcklane--At what point are you denied access?  
Normally you would right click on the Key|Permissions|Advanced|highlight the account|Edit.
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Victor CharpentierIt technicianAuthor Commented:

i want to Grant a permission to a specific key/forlder with the registry and its access denied !
even in safe mode !

Which key are you attempting to change? Is it for something you setup or could it be windows protected?

Also as jcimarron asked, at what point are you getting the problem. Is it permissions for a domain user account? Or a local account?
Victor CharpentierIt technicianAuthor Commented:
the key is this

HKEY_Local_Machine/software//microsoft/Windown nt/curruentversion/SVCHOST
the permission on the key is read only

now half of windows services cannot start

i want to add Everyone full control and replace enfant ..

access denied !

it worked on XP and VIsta
but not Windows 7
Mcklane--"i want to add Everyone full control and replace enfant... "  ?????
Are you not able to right click on the Key|Permissions|Advanced|highlight the account|Edit?
Victor CharpentierIt technicianAuthor Commented:
this is what i did
since creator had full control i took onwership of that object

Mcklane--My post 33745665 and Lotok's Accepted Solution (posted 40 minutes later) are pretty much the same.
Victor CharpentierIt technicianAuthor Commented:
Yeah but the keywork was to look at an object with FULL ACCESS and he was the one hit me with that !
that was the answer ... do you want me to split the point ?
Mcklane--thanks for your response.
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