Scanning software and Microsoft Word

I am looking for a scanning software that will allow me to scan to Microsoft Word. If it has PDF it would be a bonus.

I would welcome people's direct experience with such software.

I am happy to use Free or Paid software.

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ExcelevedConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I suppose it is not about scanning as a picture but scanning as text - so look out for OCR software, this might be just what you need.

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ScootekAuthor Commented:
Yes, I am looking for OCR software. I already have something I use. This is for a client.
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Look into OmniPage Pro
They (Nuance) has been at this a long time. For OCR that you need, changing the PDF raster into Word Vector...the recognition takes little training. Although about $100 more than ABBYY, you get more for the money. Compatibility with multi-function printers could very well effect bottom line. This software can be used for document imaging and digital storage (sharepoint).
We use ABBYY Finereader on 10000 clients. It's the best.
there are free ocr scanner softwares :
more here : freeocr :
TOP 5 :

and if you have office 2003 -  it had a document imaging tool  !
ScootekAuthor Commented:
I have used OmniPage on this occasion it doesn't seem to work that will. I will try Abbey Fine Reader.

Thanks to all.
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