Outlook always sets the archive bit on PST files

I have noticed that whenever a user opens Outlook it immediately changes the modified date on all attached PST files and sets the archive bit on them.

Why would it do this? It means that I am backing up every PST file every night regardless of any changes.
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is this a problem, how are you backing them up..?? do you not do full backups..
edz_pgtAuthor Commented:
Yes, it's a problem as the backups are online backups charged per GB of data. It's supposed to be a bit backup only patching the PST files as and when necessary.
ah i see... let me think.
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thinking over and i'm no closer. i don't think your going to be able to change this.  You could deny write, but thats an issue when you want to write an email into pst. you might want to disconnect them every time. not really that good.

Or if you can change the backup to exclude them and back them up manually, or weekly.  all messy. but take your pick. lol Sorry !!!

maybe someone else has a better idea?  I would be interested as we are going to doing this at work next year.. can i ask what company you use?
edz_pgtAuthor Commented:
Well, actually, I am that company!
I provide a managed (as in, it's checked every day, manually!) online backup solution to compliment the IT support and other related services. I'm not out to con people and this is why I'm trying to find a better way of backing up this client's PST files. My web site: http://www.yourcomputerdepartment.co.uk (Don't look at the online backups page though - as of writing this it's well out of date and talks about systems I no longer install!)
I may have to resort to excluding these files and then running a seperate monthly backup job for them.
cool, where you based. I need a job. lol

anyway i think your going to have to exclude pst files. or make them pay the price. it's not your problem really. it's microsofts

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To backup PST file, you can try BackupMyFolder! or PSTStation Corporate (http://www.addonmail.com)
This product allows to backup while Outlook is opened and only new messages are backup (it isn't a copy of the file but a copy of new messages inside the file).
PSTStation Corporate can manage several backup jobs and allows to manage archive bit. With this product (a corporate product !), an administrator can configure a job to backup each day without managing the archive bit, and (for example) each months a full backup. Then you can ask your external backup engine to backup the "backup of your PST created by PSTSTation Corporate".
With this kind of configuration, the backup is in two files, one big saved each months on your external backup and another PST file smaller that contains message received and sent during the current month.
edz_pgtAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion of "BackupMyFolder".
I've just tested it and unfortunately, it does the same thing. It creates an incremental backup file, which is great. Trouble is, next time is does a backup, it stamps teh backup file's date & time even if there's nothing new to write to it. So, where I might have decided to backup the backup files, I'd be in exactly the same situation as before. ie The backup PST files would get backed up every time regardless of any changes.
Any more ideas?
You are right, the next version of BackupMyFolder will not open the backup PST (as PSTSTation Corporate does). This version will be available in October
edz_pgtAuthor Commented:
Thanks - looks like an MS problem like you say. Shame there's no obvious way around it though.
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