Massive ost file

Outlook 2007, Account Settings, Click on my name, Click More Settings, Click Advanced tab, Click Add.

I mount my employees' mailboxes all the time with above instructions, then unmount them.  It has caused my ost file to grow to 23 gigs.  How do I purge all the email in my ost file that isn't part of my normal account?
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CamyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just delete the OST and let outlook grab a new one using your Exchange mailbox.
Here is Microsoft's answer for compacting your OST (and other) files:
The OST file is only an offline copy of what's on the server - given that you don't need to keep a cache of every mailbox you have ever looked at, just delete and allow it to recreate - it will then start from scratch by downloading a copy of your own mailbox on the server and working from there!
magnusthorneAuthor Commented:
I went with this and I'm downloading all my mail again.
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