SBS 2008 "Fix my Network" error

Posted on 2010-09-23
Last Modified: 2012-06-21
When I run SBS 2008 "Fix my Network" from the SBS console I consistently get an error stating a "well know internet port isn't open" on my router.  I click on fix my network and I get the green fixed checkmark.  If I re-run the fix my network the same port error returns.

How can determine which internet port is closed according to the fix my network wizard?  The router is set to allow SBS to auto configure all ports.  I checked event viewer with no reference to the closed port.  
Question by:Cizombs
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Expert Comment

by:Michael Pfister
ID: 33753445
Check the log file in C:\Program Files\Windows Small Business Server\Logs.The fncw.log should be the one you're looking for.
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Accepted Solution

Cris Hanna earned 500 total points
ID: 33754759
What ports do you have open on your router.  The only ports required for SBS 2008 are 25 for email and 443 for OWA and RWW.   987 if you wish to expose Companyweb to the world.   3389 if wish to use TS/Remote Desktop.   Otherwise ignore it.
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Expert Comment

ID: 33754819
Unless your router is plug and play,the Wizard probably won't work.
And even if it is,a lot of times it doesn't work right.
Been there ,done that.
SBS 2008 has a lot of bugs!
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Expert Comment

ID: 33754834
Can hardly wait for the new release with more and different bugs!
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Expert Comment

by:Cris Hanna
ID: 33754868
@pgm554  Not sure what makes you believe that SBS 2008 has lots of bugs?   When properly installed, configured, and maintained it's a very solid product!  

Author Comment

ID: 33754911
@CrisHanna.  Port 80 is the only addtional port opened bt SBS other than the ports you mentioned.  What port does Exchange and RWW use?
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Expert Comment

by:Cris Hanna
ID: 33754979
Port 80 should be closed...there is no need for it!
Exchange natively uses port 25 for incoming and outgoing mail.   RWW and Outlook Web Access use port 443.

Author Comment

ID: 33755222
OK Thanks.  Do you see any disadvantage to manually configuring the router as compared to SBS configuring the router/ports?
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Expert Comment

by:Cris Hanna
ID: 33755267
You can enable UPnP for the purpose of running the wizard, but it should then be turned off afterwards.  UPnP is just another avenue to allow bad people to do bad things to your network....I would also review to see what ports the Wizard enabled.   If port 80 is enabled, it should be disabled
I never enable port 80 and just ignore the issue on BPA and Fix My network wizards
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Expert Comment

ID: 33755476
Plug and play for one on the modems/routers.
I had issues with Edgemark and top of the line Netgear.
Issues with the self signed certificates
I could never get the self signed to work properly by importing them or using the exe that installs it for you.
If you use a different name for a private cert instead of the one ( you get autodiscover issues with Exchange. on the local LAN
I made the mistake of using when I used the 3rd party cert.

There were issues with Vista not even working when this product shipped.

You would have thought MS would have a least tested it with their newest flagship product before it shipped.

Issues with 3rd party backup up software like Backup Exec not wanting to install or backup correctly even though the product worked fine with server 2k8.
I had to spend another 600 bucks for the upgrade to get it to work properly.
Issues with certain virus scan packages causing memory leaks.
Blackberry server issues.
Pain in the butt trying to push out printer drivers for 32 and 64 bit systems.
Bigger pain on SBS 2003with 64 bit Win 7.

Sorry,but the backup included with SBS 2008 kind of sucks..

Lack of documentation on installing less features,the default install is huge and requires a whole lot more RAM than the minimum 4GB stated (although MS is notorious for this).
From start to finish can take about 4 or 5 hours because of all of the patches and spacks that a new install requires.
Even then ,I 've discovered you need to force even more updates by going out to the update site at least another 1 or 2 times to ensure all the patches are there.
Then you run a best practices analyzer just to make sure you haven't missed anything.

I have 16 GB and a Quad processor that is adequate for the job,but this is a 10 user shop.
Shutdown and reset takes about 15 minutes.
Remember the marketing on the newer Windows servers,less reboots?
I have yet to apply any critical patches that didn't require a reboot.

If Novell weren't so bad at marketing,I wouldn't be using this product.
For pure file and print,it's a thing of beauty.

If anybody other than a seasoned IT pro were to install this product,I would pity the fool.

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Expert Comment

by:Cris Hanna
ID: 33755718
I don't wish to hijack the author's thread with a discussion of issues you may have found in your experiene.
The whole idea of moving to a 64bit OS is to not limit you to 4GB of RAM
UPnP is not universally implemented in the same way by all can't test every single device out there.   It workes fine on my Netgear 614 (not a production environment...wouldn't use a consumer router on my customers network)
It is not Microsoft's responsiiblity to make sure 3rd party software workks with their OS...its the other way around.
SBS 2008 contains full copies of Win2k8 standard, Exchange 2007 std, etc.  of course it's not for the do it yourselfer.   I only install and support SBS for my customers since 1996.  
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Expert Comment

ID: 33756017
We all know that doing anything in SBS using anything other than the wizards is a problem waiting to happen.

With Server 2008 ,you have the option of configuring roles as opposed to all or nothing in SBS 2008.

My feedback was that,unfortunately,you cannot always believe the tools that MS provides as a measuring stick as to what issues there may be.
When you mentioned that when configured properly,SBS 2008 is a stable product.
Yes it is, if it were just the OS,but it is a whole lot more than just an OS.

As for SBS running on NT 4,I respect your working with it,as it was truly buggy when compared to the later SBS products.

Not for the do it yourselfer.True,but MS actually sold this product in places like Staples and Office Depot giving the illusion of  easy to install and maintain for just about anybody.

We know this isn't the case.


Author Comment

ID: 33758347
@pgm554.  I'm a doc with no formal IT training at all.  I was able to install SBS and 5 clients in approx 12 hours with no critical errors and only a few warnings in the event log.  @CrisHanna: I'm learning slowly that it's ok to have a few warnings and some errors can be dismissed.  Initially I was trying to resolve every warning which took up most of the 12 hours of setup.  Thanks to all for your assistance.

Not sure why so many IT people bash MS products, but it seems common in the compuer world.  
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Expert Comment

by:Cris Hanna
ID: 33758777
It's a specialised product...few IT generalist want to take the time to learn it is usually what we hear SBS being bashed anyway.   If you are have not already done so, I would recommend downloading the SBS BPA ( and resolve any issues it may find.  It should be pretty smooth after that
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Expert Comment

ID: 33791992
Just my 2 cents,but I've worked with MS products since DOS 3.0 and I have been an MS reseller for about the past 8 years.

>Not sure why so many IT people bash MS products, but it seems common in the computer world.

They are known for releasing less than stellar products over the years and their ethics has been very much in question concerning the way they compete in the market place.

I can remember back in the 90's when if you attempted to load Windows 3.x on any OS other than MS DOS,you would get a warning saying that it was unsupported by MS and use at your own risk.

Novell and IBM got a fairly large chunk of change off of that one.

Vista and Windows ME were bug riddled ,miserable pieces of code that should have never been released,but MS had to get something out the door or those who had upgrade protection would wonder why they bought it in the first place.

Breaking backward compatibility with older OS models (Windows 2000) all though the underlying code was the same with XP,MS would force upgrades of the OS (XP)in order to sell Office 2003.

How can an OS less than 3 years old at the time be obsolete so soon?

And the browser integration in XP that claimed you could not remove IE from the OS,which was proved a lie.

Some of us in the biz are quite wary of MS when dealing with their products because the history of the company.


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