slow linux network file transfer, file copy - centos v4.8, v5.3, v5.5


I am seeing very slow linux-to-linux or windows-to-linux file transfer rates. It's about 7kb/sec vs windows-to-windows tranfer rates of approximately 49kb/sec.

I have a large number of Linux servers and several windows servers on a layer 2 gigabit network. No servers have firewall or SElinux. OS is mostly Centos v4.8 and v5.3 with some v5.5. I have checked each server and they show eth0 as gigabit full duplex, no or very low lost packets. I'm also running Capsa and it doesnt show a lot of collisions. I've tested dns, reverse dns, etc.

I've also pulled two of the Linux servers and placed it on a small 5-port linksys gigabit switch with my windows laptop and a windows server with the same results as above. Is there something basic I am missing? Does Linux have some sort of encryption going on that I can turn off?

Authentication is by Files then NIS but this happens even when I login root.
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crazedsanityConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How are you transferring the files?  Rsync?  SSH/SCP?  Samba?  Are they all connected via network cable or is there wireless in the mix?

I am assuming all these systems are connected via network cable.  If you're getting 49kb/s windows-to-windows, this isn't a problem restricted to Linux.  Make sure you eliminate the network aspect: on a local network, you should be measuring transfers at least in Mb/s.

 1.) test all switches using systems with known good transfer speeds to eliminate switch problems
 2.) make SURE there isn't a HUB in the mix: if someone scooted one in and placed it at a crucial spot, it can create massive bottlenecks
 3.) eliminate as many segments of the network as possible if there are multiple switches or routers

Based on the information, it really sounds like a network problem and nothing with the machines.  Did the system just suddenly start going slow, or has it always been this way?  How long?  Any further details you can provide about the network setup would be good.
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