Classic ASP Compiler

Hi Experts,

Based on your experience,
do you know any Compiler for ASP???
any IDE for ASP (like Visual Studio) ???

Many Thanks!!!
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Om PrakashConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For classic asp you don't need any compiler.
For developing asp pages, you can use dreamweaver or even notepad.
Carl TawnConnect With a Mentor Systems and Integration DeveloperCommented:
Classic ASP is an interpreted language, so you don't need to (or indeed can't) compile it.

Bascially any text editor will do for writing ASP pages. Visual Interdev is an option if you can still find a copy, although any of the newer Visual Studios (up to and including 2010) will also allow you to debug classic ASP pages.
Wayne BarronConnect With a Mentor Author, Web DeveloperCommented:
What is it that you want to do?
Are you comfortable doing self hand coding? if so, then you can use any old textarea.
Preferably one that has syntax highlighting, just looks better while you are coding.

DWCS4 and DWCS5 (Dreamweaver) are GREAT for working with ASP pages.
They have made the program so that if you have INCLUDE FILE in your page, it will automatically add in the tabs for them pages, without you have to open them up indivisually.

I recommend you learn how to hand code your pages through and through.
You can unleash your imagination this way, instead of using a program simply for generated ASP coding, which is alright for people just learning or people that just cannot grasp the way ASP works.

I recommend DWCS4 or DWCS5 (Hand Coding)
Good Luck
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mawingpuiAuthor Commented:
maybe I should say VBScript Compiler...
Because when I run the test.asp, it may come up with errors..
I want to prevent any typos mistakes... so i need to compiler before put it on the web server. (Just like Build / Play(F5) in Visual


' variable count is not declare
For i = 0 to count

' Function not exist
Set myobj = new Store()

Open in new window

Carl TawnConnect With a Mentor Systems and Integration DeveloperCommented:
You mean a syntax checker. Visual Interdev and Dreamweaver both contain syntax checking .
Wayne BarronConnect With a Mentor Author, Web DeveloperCommented:
Typos are a part of programming, someone that does not make typos is not a good programmer or is a lyer.

When you develop your pages, you should hopefully have IIS running on your developing system, if not, then install it.
When you create your pages, you test run your scripts before uploading them to the hosting server. This is a must, you need to have IIS installed on your developing machine.
Om PrakashConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Please check the following thread for similar query:

You can open asp page from broser (after creating virtual directory) and if there are any issues with code, error messages will be displayed. you can fix the errors and then open the asp page
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