Keeping track of changing IP address for continuous remote connection

Hello experts:

I am a very small business owner and I have a few clients to whom sell and install security cameras.  These security cameras have their own local IP address (e.g.,, etc.).  Port 80 can be opened on their individual routers.

Here is my question:

I want them to be able to see their security cameras via the web by logging into a special website that keeps track of their IP address, number of cameras, etc.  But if their external IP address changes (Cable and/or DSL) they will no longer be able to see their cameras over the web.

Is there a way for me to get their latest/current IP address automatically if and when it gets changed?  Kind of like the service but a much simpler version.  

Any expert advice will be greatly appreciated.


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tretosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
DynDNS is simple and best solution for this and you don't have to even install anything as like Qlemo said most routers have integrated support for this. I use it for few things and never had any problems.

It's very easy to use but depend how exactly you want to use it there is few options:

1 - Create different account for each client and give them access to, +config of each router

2 - Create one account for your company, add all client routers to it +router configuration, and give client link so they can check their own web cams. IP will be updated automatically so they don't have to do anything. The only thing with this is that you will have to create different port forwarding for each client [which is not that difficult]. please correct me if I'm wrong. Then clients can access web cam from: Example: [this will be forwarded to client routers and website]

There are few other similar services but DynDNS is the simplest i think.

use to keep track of your external ip changes, you can install a small client on a machine and setup a dyndns name and you good to go, you will use the name to get to the machine, ip address are updates as they change.

have a look at
QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
Yes, what is wrong about DynDNS? Most routers have integrated support, and an update is triggered almost immediately when the public IP changes.
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driven13Author Commented:
Thanx for your responses.

I have more than 1 client.  And they will all log into this website with their individual credentials to view only their cameras.

This website will also need to know the most current IP address of the house-router of the person logging in.  How will this website know what the current IP address of the client's router...???

In other words how will I aggregate, if you will, all the different current IP addresses of ALL my clients so that they display the cameras when they log in....???

sorry correct to my above regarding download the small client, dyndns does not offer that.
also dyndns free acc is not dropping from their free dns to 2 per account only. is the other alternative, this has the option for you to download a small client onto the pc and keep running all the time to update its external ip to the server.
yes true what kenycl said, you need to pay for this. Like for everything. But i think its all depend of what situation you are in, how is your company doing and if you want to spend some money, what you want to offer to your clients and so on...

You can even open your own hosting for those cameras where client can logon to your website and see web cams.

Amazon cloud is good.
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