Bad Virus

I have a bad virus on a pc here.

I cannot boot to safe mode. Each time i try i get what seems like a bsod, but if i turn off auto shutdown on system failure, i still get no BSOD, and the pc just reboots.

In regular mode i have..
Ran Combo Fix
Ran Malwarebytes
Ran Hijack This
Ran SmitFraud Fix
Ran rKill
Kaspersky AV

No matter what the Virus Returns after reboot of KAV scan. Each time i run Combo Fix it detects a root kit. It reboots, and combo fix continues. It eventually finishes. If i run it again i once again get Rootkit, and it reboots. I figured system restore was fucking with it.
So i try to cut it off. Each time i cut it off windows won't boot, then after it restarts, it will boot and system restore is on.

Any ideas guys?

Also OS is XP
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Hi, what is the name of the virus (which particular rootkit) that is being detected?

Use ultimate boot CD or connect that hard drive to another computer which is not infected & with updated antivirus.

Scan whole system.Remove viruses from computer & then check.
In my opinion, take data backup & reinstall windows XP. Because this process will take lot of time.

Tushar Kaskhedikar  
STS-TechAuthor Commented:
Ok i'll try my UBCD after what i'm attempting now, and i will get you the name after it is over, as of now i'm trying to be sneaky...

I booted, ran smitfraud, ran mbam which found 1 infected, i did not reboot when prompted, i created a system restore point. I ran combo fix, when i was prompted with Rootkit, i used task manager to open run, and ran system restore, and made another new point. Then i cut off system restore. I said ok to combo fix to reboot the pc, when it booted to combo fix removing, i started the task manager, went to run, ran rkill to stop anything from trying, then mbam, started a scan, and combo fix was still running, i hope this is get this sucker.
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Take data on another partition or on external drive. Reinstall Windows XP.Or check with antivirus sites if any virus removal tools & run it & scan the system.

Tushar Kaskhedikar
STS-TechAuthor Commented:
No go still, the virus being detected is...
*** Hopeleonie ***IT ManagerCommented:
These tool will help you to clean!
- Drweb Cureit

The link you will find here:

Virus has been enter the system files, windows files. In my opinion, please reinstall windows XP.This

Tushar Kaskhedikar  
STS-TechAuthor Commented:
Ah i got it guys thanks!

Here is a nice free tool from KAV because they are amazing.

I ran that and now i am fine.

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I already told you that please check with your antivirus web site. If there is any removal tool.
Then why are you accepted this answer himself?

Tushar Kaskhedikar  
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSolution GuideCommented:
Note that once you have a rootkit, your best bet is to do a complete backup and wipe your disk then reinstall windows.  Although there are many rootkit removers, you never know what has been left behind.  You can download the free vmplayer and create a virtual machine in which you do all your browsing and connecting to internet.  If the VM gets infected you just erase it and the infection is gone.

For more about rootkits:
STS-TechAuthor Commented:
See my Answer
STS-TechAuthor Commented:
Please Split between the two
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