C# Class subroutines, How to pass the eqivilant of VB's byRef

I have some C subroutines in DLL's that I want to convert to C#. They basically have parms:

Input buffer (bytes)
Input length (int32)
Outbut buffer (bytes)
Output length (int32)

In VB.net, we simply define a subroutine with parameters defined as byRef, for example:

Sub MySub(..., byRef OutBuff() as Byte, byRef outLen as Int32)
        ' Do something
End Sub

This passes the data's pointers to the subroutine (and the length attribute as part of the byte array object). Thus the subroutine does not have any size limit/wasted memory tradeoffs. How do I do this in C#? In my attempts I keep getting "unsafe code", which VB will not allow me to call.

Thank you.
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Umar TopiaConnect With a Mentor .Net Full Stack DeveloperCommented:
Sry abt the typo:

void MySub(ref bytes[] byInput)
Umar Topia.Net Full Stack DeveloperCommented:
function MySub(ref bytes[] byInput)
Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
Hi MikeBroderick;

When calling the method MySub in umartopia example you also need to have the ref key word.

// Calling MySub method:
MySub ( ... ref myByteArray, ... );

MikeBroderickAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I'm putting it in now.
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