Migrate from hosted to Local exchange 2010

We are currently hosting our mailbox environment with a company called Verio and will be migrating to a local exchange environment. I am looking for any tips, tricks, etc..  Is it safe to assume i can have mx records pointing to 2 different places? I would like to do a staged migration but the domain names are the same    xxxxxx.com

i have 1 MX pointing to  verio and as part of my turn up will need my Domain Name provider to add an MX point to our 'local' address...

I have not called Verio yet but am assuming they will dump to pst.....

Thanks in advance for any additional info...
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DUlrich1227Author Commented:
looks like i can do a split on verio, i assume this just means adjust the cost on the mx records.. ?
MX records should should point only to one place. You need to setup some Internal Mailflow to/from Verio for transition period.
How many Mailboxes do you have ?
DUlrich1227Author Commented:
175 total,  so mx record point internal and split verio and point internal to verio if it does not find a mailbox...
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I suggest the below procedure
1.  Setup your Exchange Organization
2. Add your domain as Internal Relay ( It should not be authoritative)
3. Create a SMTP Connector with smarthost to Verio Inbound Mail Gateway (Not to Internet )
Now you have setup internal mail flow to Verio Servers.
4. Change your domain MX records to point to your inbound mail gateway
Now every mail for your domain will hit your local servers first, if a particular mailbox is not available, it will relay that mail to Verio Servers.
Once you complete the Migration, you can remove the Internal Relay to Verio and make your domain as Authoritative. You can also delete the SMTP connector to Verio Servers.
Let me know if I do not sound clear here.
DUlrich1227Author Commented:
make sense... so i can set up the internal mail flow test out sending from a box on the internal server to a hosted account,  than change the MX record and pretty much have no down time... ?
Yeah, that is correct.
You will need IP addresses of Verio Inbound Servers to create the SMTP connector.
DUlrich1227Author Commented:
do i want to add an additional xxxx.com as internal relay or just change the defualt for xxxx.com ?
DUlrich1227Author Commented:
looks like i am having an issue setting up the smtp connector..

not sure how  the smtp addresses should be set up ..

SMTP adress space..

i have xxxxx.com  (our mail domain?)

network (smart host) i have the IP of the verio inbound smtp..

is this correct?

DUlrich1227Author Commented:
Trying to work this out in my mind need some help...

I can send from local exchange to hosted exchange and internet..

I can send between local exchange accounts

I can not send from hosted to local exchange....

whats next?
DUlrich1227Author Commented:
I think i have it working would love some confirmation from one of the experts out there.... :-)

A validated a test ( have not changed MX record yet)

1) turned of "internet" SMTP to test smtp connecter to verio
2) sent emails between local exchange users - no issue
3) sent email from local exchange user to 'hosted' user and MSN account
         hosted user recieved emial, MSN bounced.. (as expected with no internet on)
4) turned on internet smtp
         all emails recieved
5)can not send from hosted to local exchange i am going to assume this is due to MX record still pointing to hosted.

would love some validation on the smtp connector
To setup mail flow from Hosted to Local Exchnage, you need to take help from your service provider. They need to setup the smtp connector as u did with your exchnage.
DUlrich1227Author Commented:
yea but once i chenge the MX record rto point to the 'local' exchange i shouldn need a SMTP on there end correct?
It depends on what is the internal mail flow architecture at their end.
If they consider the domain as authoritative, a connector is definitely required.
and if they can faciliate relay outside their domain (To Internet), no connector is required.
DUlrich1227Author Commented:
ok have a problem and i think it has to do with recieve connector..

i am not recieving external mail..

my internal domain is xxxxx.lan
exteranl is .com

i think i need to set up an addional recieve connector?
External mails will not come to Local Exchange server until you setup Hosted environment to relay it.
As currently External mails are hitting Hosted Verio servers (Due to MX recors), Verio servers need to relay it to your local domain.
Once you change MX receords to point to your local Exchange, this issue will resolved.
DUlrich1227Author Commented:
So verio seems to be giving me a run around and i get 2 different answers from different people there.. Does anyone have any expierience with them?

I dont understand why i cant point my MX record to my local exchange and use the smart host to redirect emails that are on there server in addition to local accounts on my exchange server...
I did a test run with redirecting my MX record was able to send/recieve but email on verio never made it..

I think my next step is to just fully migrate off of them in one step... with that said I believe i can get my full data store from them for a price, we are on 2010 i think they are 2007, since they are not very helpful does anyone out there have the steps to migrate an other data store..?

DUlrich1227Author Commented:
does anyone not have any this is how we did it? migrating from hosted to local?
Verio using Exchange server for hosting ???
DUlrich1227Author Commented:
yes i believe so
Give me 30 minutes, I will create a diagram to explain this.
DUlrich1227Author Commented:
apprecitate it... we are at a point pretty much... my next thought was create all users on the local exchange box, repoint the MX and than have them PST, archive from web mail...
Please verify the below steps and let me know where are you getting problem.
Lets assume your SMTP Domain is abc.com
1.  MX Reords for abc.com are pointing to Exchange 2007 Servers. and you installed local Exchange 2010 with SMTP domain abc.com (No Internet or external Access). At this point of time Both the SMTP domains are authoritative for abc.com and only Verio Exchange 2007 servers has Internet Connectivity.
2. Now you create a send connector from your Local Exchnage 2010 to Verio Exchange 2007 and Vice Versa. Also you make domain abc.com as Internal Relay at both places rather than Authoritative Domain. Now Mail flow should work fine.
3. Start the Migration and any Point of time, you can change MX records to Point to your Local Exchnage server.
4. Once you are done with Migration, you can remove send connector to Verio and make abc.com as Authoritative domain.

Final Scenerio
DUlrich1227Author Commented:
The problem is verios is not ver helpful nor are they going to want to set up a send connector to our exchange server...  
In that case you should plan for Bulk Migration. All at Once ( Downtime Required)
1. Create Mailboxes for the users at your Local Exchnage 2010
2. Change MX Records to Point to your Exchange server or Mail gateway
3. Now Mailboxes at Verio will not receive further mails. Export users mails to PST files.
4. Import PST files on mailboxes at your Exchange Server

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DUlrich1227Author Commented:
yea thats looking like the plan, thanks for all your replies...
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