Recover Space in database

I have had users delete email from their mailbox to shrink the DB size. I understand that the DB has "white Space" that won't be recovered unless i perform an offline defrag, but will it use the already allocated white space for new email or will it still increase the size of the database?
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epohlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It will use the white space for new email and will not grow until that white space is used up.
FDiskWizardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
But, the whitespace is not available until the ONLINE Defrag runs during the maintenance period... You can look at your app logs and see if the online defrag is completing.
Also might want to check deleted item retention policy in exchange (14 days by default). So when users delete that email it will take that long before it is actually deleted and converted into white space.
If memory serves me... I think if an online backup isn't done, it will also allow the DB to grow.
editllorAuthor Commented:
issue resolved, thanks!
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