HP LaserJet P3005 default printing issues

I have a HP P3005 LaserJet printer attached to a Dell workstation (Win XP) via USB.  Installed all the necessary print drivers off the HP driver’s disc.  Workstation detects the printer with no issues.

When I try to print from MS Word (or any other program) using the printer icon, I have to physically click the green check mark on the printer twice in order for the print to start.  I also get this message on the printer: MANUALLY FEED PLAIN PAPER.

Why am I getting this issue?  How can I change the default tray to tray number 2 (contains the plain 8.5x11" paper)?  I have changed settings in the printer and properties of the printer driver with no luck.  This printer is a piece of junk!

I just want to click the print icon on any program, and it automatically prints without issue.  Please help.  Thank you.
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0110110Connect With a Mentor Commented:
When you define the preferred tray, are you doing it from the Printer Preferences in the windows printers dialog, or are you doing it from printer preferences on the fly?

I have had a couple of P3005n units and never had a default tray issue. There is a relatively recent firmware available for this model, though, if you haven't tried that yet (http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/DriverDownload.jsp?lang=en&cc=us&prodNameId=1846089&taskId=135&prodTypeId=18972&prodSeriesId=1846088&lang=en&cc=us)  
Check that the paper size it correctly set for tray 2 would make sense

Tyr things suggested here

if all else fails .. like they said a cold reset on the printer
arendt73Author Commented:
What have you done to never have encountered any default tray issues? I did a cold reset and still had issues.
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Well, my two models were P3005n and P3005dn, and we were using it over the network, not directly over USB. This shouldn't really change the default trays, though. I found it interesting that you were having such an issue with this model.

Do you know if your firmwarre is up to date? They released an update this past June, so it could have been an issue with the on-board firmware it shipped with.

This may not have been one of my favorite printers, but it never gave me this kind of problem. Both of them I had worked out of the box. The embeded JetDirect server died on one of them, but that is a totally different issue.
In Word, go to Page Setup, and check that the paper size and type are correct. Also check that the printer knows there is Plain Paper in the tray (from its front panel menu)
arendt73Author Commented:
For the several years in IT, I have never encountered an issue with a Word document where it is required to go to page setup before printing a standard 8.5x11" page.

Usually, its click the printer icon and out comes the print with no issues.

Anyway, I will attempt the firmware upgrade and hopefully it resolves the tray issues. I will post my results.

arendt73, I'm in the exact opposite position from you: I have seen a large number of printing problems that were fixed by going to Page Setup in Word.

When Word starts a new doc it uses the settings for the current printer. However, from Page Setup you can change the page size, orientation, type and tray at any point for any part of the doc.

When you create a doc and save it, those settings are saved with the doc. If someone then opens it using another printer, Word tries to "intelligently" map the new printer to the old one. That rarely works.

On top of that, if Word has it correct, but the printer does not "know" that a particular type of paper is loaded, it will indeed prompt you for it. That is why I suggested to check the printer's front panel display for its settings.
Check the regional settings (ensuring you reset the default), and also can we check on the printer driver, available paper sizes.
Arendt, you need to run an internal test page from the printer control panel (config, paper path, etc), and see if you still get this behavior.  If not, it's probably a driver issue, check driver settings, make sure tray 2 is selected and SAVED.   The problem could be application software specific, but it sounds as though yours is not.  If you get the same behavior from an internal test, make sure your tray 2 size/type settings are correct, and that the physical tray 2 paper size guide at rear of tray is locked in the correct paper size you are using.  no doubt, the P3005 is a POS.  just wait until your formatter dies.
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