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I am looking to purchase kit to give me access to my DVD's / media in general. The plan would be that the kit enabled me to load all of my DVD's (about 200) onto a HDD and then be able to watch them both at home or anywhere in the world.

I am running XP, and have a about 4TB, and the max RAM that my Lenovo will take (Cant recall off top of my head).

Developer friend at work is running a HP Media Streamer. Cost him about £500 and he seems to think is amazing.

Any suggestions on the best way to set up, what I will need to buy etc?


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David LinkerSystems ArchitectCommented:
If you don't want to spend any money, here's a site that tells you what to do using free tools:

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djlinker give you the right choice of tool for DVDs ripping. Now about sharing media at home and world wide access you should see a software called 'Orb'.

This media server shares pics, videos, audios etc. across the supported devices and if you make an online account you can access your home media sever from anywhere in the world securely.

David LinkerSystems ArchitectCommented:
Sorry - I assumed you wanted to take your HDD with you to watch the movies.
An alternative to adnaj76 is TVersity.  Great for sharing the movies on your home network or any machine over the Internet.  I use it to watch movies stored on my computer in the study using the Sony PS3 and Plasma TV in the family room.
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77SevenAuthor Commented:
Hi both.............

Put a test DVD in my drive. Set up a folder on an ext HDD.

Used RIPIT4ME and DVD DECRIPTER. After is decided it needed to stop DVD43 running, it started ripping.

20 mins later I had a load of files in my folder. I could manually choose the biggest and open with VLC (although could not ffwd to a point, it just ran at one speed)

Then found DVD play, which does not seem to work. It shows the DVD (MOON) but does not open the rip, it opens an MP3 on the ext HDD. Also no cover, although I suspect you need another program fopr covers.

The rip did not give AUDIO & VIDEO TS.

Any ideas where I am goung wrong?

Have just installed ORB. Testing that now. Do the Rips need converting to DIVX in order for me to acheive the goal of watch anywhere?


77SevenAuthor Commented:
Orb seems to connect ok. Just using iPhone and can see some of my media....
77SevenAuthor Commented:
Great solutions as ever!!!
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