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I have a Triton Pro workstation keyboard and am trying to record MIDI into a laptop using Cubase 4LE.  I am using a USB to MIDI cord.  It seems that I am getting some signal in which I can adjust the volume of the keyboard from Cubase, but I cannot get a signal from the keyboard into Cubase.  I start recording and don't get any info.
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I'm not sure where you are with this so I'll pose some hypotheticals:

Even though your keyboard has its own midi sound samples that you can hear through headphones/speakers -- these are not always the sounds you are dealing with.

A simple set-up is to set the keyboard to midi out and send the midi notes to your PC. Not sure what operating system you are using but I'm familar with XP. So in XP you go from the PCs START menu to the Sound and Devices section. You choose audio.  You have to firstly select your soundcard and make sure nothing is muted in the mixer and that the faders are adjusted for correct volume. Then you have to choose a Midi synth (the midi samples on the PC) -- in XP the default Midi Synth is:
Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth (which is actually made by Roland). So you select that.
In Cubase you also have to select the that Midi Synth -- and also your soundcard so you can hear it play those midi samples.

Another set-up is not to use the PCs Midi Synth but to use the MIDI OUT routing from your PC (after Cubase has received the midi note info) and send it back to your keyboard to access your keyboard's own samples and ultimately you will hear the sound either via headphones or keyboard speakers or keyboard speaker out.
XP setup.



Thanks.  The problem though is that I am not getting any MIDI data into Cubase when I try to record.  I have playback sound with Cubase and can import a midi file and play it, but I am not too interested in the sound.  What I need is the MIDI data to be recorded so that I can turn it into sheet music.  When I start record in Cubase and play the keyboard it does not bring in any of the data.

I think it might have something to do with the Triton Pro keyboard settings.
I think it might have something to do with the Triton Pro keyboard settings.

Yes, I'm sure that the keyboard has its 'performance' modes and its MIDI modes.  You need to check that it is sending MIDI via its MIDI OUT port.
Thanks for the help, but it ended up being the cable.  I borrowed an m-audio midi to usb cable and it works great.

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