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Add bulk users to Distribution Group using Powershell Cmdlet

I need to add about 100 users to a distribution group in my Exchange 2010 organization. The users are in a csv file. What is the power shell command to use to import these users?

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import-csv c:\users.csv | foreach-object { add-distributiongroupmember <group> -member $ }

where name is the column header
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I'm not sure of the columns in my csv file. Would you happen to know the column fields to provide for my csv?
post the header row and i can tell you what to use
emailaddress  firstname  lastname displayname
import-csv c:\users.csv | foreach-object { add-distributiongroupmember <group> -member $_.emailaddress }


import-csv c:\users.csv | foreach-object { add-distributiongroupmember <group> -member $_.displayname }

Since I'm dealing specifically with Dynamic Distribution Groups, the problem I'm having is the cmdlet is not accepting add-dynamicdistributiongroupMember. Should I not able to substitute this command?
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He was absolutely correct. I need to modify the filter

any chance to import users from file to distribution group from csv using column number, because my csv file doesnt have headers?