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How do I burn mp3 to a DVD-Audio format
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MP3 files are just files, at the end of the day.  DVD does not have an equivalent Audio version like CD.  If you want to use MP3 files for a DVD player which supports MP3, then use a standard DVD Data type.  If you want to play mp3 files in a CD player, then you need to create a CD Audio.
I'm going to stretch my experience here and consider that maybe you want to convert mp3 audio to mpg so you can burn a vcd with some video?
It may simply be you don't know the right words to explain it, mp3s are actually mpegs. mp3 stands for M-PEG Layer 3, just as you can get M-PEG Layer 1, 2 and 4.
So you rename it to mpg

please check these
MP3 to MPG
or free trial
Could you post back more details now


DVD-Audio is a format, I want to convery mp3 to DVD-Audio format
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rename it mpg that is all you can do
There is no difference.
MP3 (.mp3) is the common name for MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3, an audio recording format.
MPEG audio (.mp3) is a file that contains audio only.
MPEG video (.mpg) is a file that contains both audio and video.
since the mp3 is outside the vob container the properties cannot be changed unless you mux the audio into a vob, I hardly think that will produce what you need
You could record the mp3 using a media player and Audacity to record what you hear then export it as a wav or AC3 and convert it to mpg or use the tool MP3 to MPG
If you have Nero with Nero Vision import your video clip and drop your clip onto the video timeline and the mp3 onto the auido timeline and export the clip with the audio
Or use WMM 2 or windows live Movie Maker
is this what you need?


No i checked the Nero Vision, Its doesnot support the DVD-A format..

I am talking something like this...


I want to burn my MP3 into the DVD-Audio format..
I believe Samplitude (Win) and DVD audio tools (Linux) will write out to DVD-A, as well as some Mac packages.

Using MP3 sources would defeat the purposes of the hi-def side of the format, wouldn't it?  IIRC, DVD-A was designed for mastered content with lossless compression or no compression.  But there are re-masters from lower-resolution source material.


Great, I will try DVD-Audio Solo and will let you know
My apologies for the misinformation originally - I learned something new.

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