Can you crop out a section of audio in Microsoft Expression Encorder 4 without removing the video?

I need to edit a WMV file that comes out of GoToMeeting. I tried using TechSmith's Camtasia Studio 7 and it has proven useless. I cannot render any of the files after editing with a wmv from out of GoToMeeting and many other versions converted through Format Factory etc.

So I was told about Microsoft Expression Encorder 4 downloaded the free version and now I cannot find the solution for silencing a section of audio. It appears I can delete an entire section of audio and video but that will not help me. I need to replace the audio with an overlay of narration from myself explaining what is happening in the video.

Can these two things be done with the free version of Expression Encoder 4.
Silence a section of audio without removing the video and can narration be added where needed. Embedding audio content to explain the video.? Please advise. Thank you.
RUA Volunteer2?Tableau Trainer & Consultant Sales Exec.Asked:
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Hi ruavol2, from what experience I have had with this, I dont think it's really possible since the audio is muxed into the video.., a quick solution to adding a narration piece is to load a still image and make its duration the same seconds as the Narration, here you can also add a floating text over the black image
there is Windows 7 Live Moviemaker
in windows Live movie maker I can add a fade in and fade out on different sections, enough to almost silence that piece
then add in music to a specified area, this part is pretty simple to do I can drag the area to where I want the audio to be.
The fade in Fade out is the key, which other tools can do this video I dont know,
Nero Vision will add in an extra audio bit over the video clip, but I have not seen the fade in fade out or silence option.
 image one
Windows Live Movie Maker Fade in Fade out
image two
 add music or voice in your case
image three
how it looks when the audio is added Merge Music
Knowing this take a look in Expression Encoder for something similar
or use WMM if your on XP or Windows 7 Windows Live Movie Maker
TechSmith's Camtasia Studio 7 should work brilliantly.
I'll look for a guide to see what it can do.


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also seems it supports fade in and fade out
I found this guide for Camatasia Studio
looks good
Decrease the volume of the audio track. Replace with. Silence
RUA Volunteer2?Tableau Trainer & Consultant Sales Exec.Author Commented:
It seems to be that the Encoder 4 does not seperate out the audio and video. SO if you make a recording like I often do in GoToMeeting where there is a seperate Audio/Video track. camtasia 7 does see the two tracks Encoder 4 opens it as one track. This means if I have to cut any video I loose the audio........and if I cut any audio I loose the video.

So from what I can see Encoder is not as good as Camtasia in this regard. I more often need to cut audio segments out of the audio for non-disclosure information for other viewers while leaving the video important to the viewers education or development.

I guess the only recourse with this is to leave dead audio or learn how to copy over it. The other dilemma seems to be if I need to keep the audio but take out the video I guess I cannot do that one..........Does that sound right to you.....?
ruavol2 Do you have other tools with Expression Encoder 4?
each tool performs a different job.
You may need Expression Studio,
Microsoft Expression is different tool
Learn Expression Blend
I agree that Camatasia Studio may be more suitable for what you need.
 if this is the case>>This means if I have to cut any video I loose the audio........and if I cut any audio I loose the video.
Make a copy of the clip ( master) put it somewhere
then do exactly that, using 2 different copies of the master clip/ cut the video and save that separately.
then cut the audio and save separately.
Then start a new project drop the video with no audio on
and add in the audio into a separate line over the piece of the video clip you want.
Often times video editing is many steps.
Audacity will record what you hear if you wanted to go that way it's simpler than extracting the audio out of the clip, Audacity also supports a few tricks to remove noise add effects etc add tracks together
you can play around with making a master audio track but adding this to the video clip is now tricky as the it must be insync with video.
Adobe Creative Suite/ After Effects/ Elements / Audition
may aslo have more of the tools you need for this type of video editing
 Adobe Premiere Pro requires a 64-bit operating system
Regards M
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