Citrix SSL Error 4: A network error occured while connecting to "server name"

Hi Guys, I'm using Dazzle, subscribe to Outlook 2007. The connection seems fine. Outlook will launch and everything. If I leave the connection (Outlook) idle for between 3 to 5 mins, this error will show up. If I launch some other applications, this error doesn't seems to show. I'm using the latest Xenapp 6, Secure Gateway 3.2, Mac Snow Leopard, and the latest 11.2 plug in for Mac. I have tried to disable session reliablility but it doesn't seems to help. Any ideas? By the way, if I launch Outlook via web access in Safari, its also fine. Only PNAgent will have this problem
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Do you have any other errors in event event log? When you disabled SR, did you extend ICA connection Keep Alive??
totallypatrickAuthor Commented:
Nope I did not extend the ICA Keep alive. May I know how do I do that in Xenapp?
Per CTX708444, set HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Citrix to IcaEnableKeepAlive REG_DWORD: 0 or 1

When this value is 0, ICA KeepAlives are disabled. When this value is set to 1, ICA KeepAlives are enabled. The IcaEnableKeepAlive is set to 1 by the Service Pack installation.
ICAKeepAliveInterval REG_DWORD: <number in seconds>

This parameter determines the interval separating keep alive retransmissions until a response is received. Once a response is received, the delay until the next keep alive transmission is again controlled by the value of KeepAliveTime. The connection is ended after the number of retransmissions specified by TcpMaxDataRetransmissions have gone unanswered. If the IcaEnableKeepAlive value is 1, this value controls the frequency at which ICA KeepAlives are sent to the client. This IcaKeepAlive Interval is set to 60 seconds by this hotfix installation. Sixty seconds is also the default interval if this value is not defined but IcaEnableKeepAlive is set to 1.
Default: 60 seconds
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Check this

The last post said rebooting the servers did resolve his problem...
totallypatrickAuthor Commented:
I have got it. I use direct connection instead of gateway and the error is gone.

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totallypatrickAuthor Commented:
Solve it on my own.
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