How can I reconvert an existing wmv file a second time in Microsoft Expressions Encoder 4

The Problem; I have an account with GoToMeeting.I cannot edit any of the audio video content I record for meetings easily. I am posting a document they sent me to deliver a result so that I can edit the file which can be set to auto convert directly to a WMV file. The issue is the file coming out of GoToMeeting seems to not be a true WMV file so the file is not easily editable in Camtasia Studio 7 latest version.

Citrix -GoToMeeting technical support sent me the instructions on how to do this. Since Windows Media Encoder is not available any longer I downloaded the free version of Microsoft Expressions Encoder 4. If I need to buy Pro I will. However, I am not convinced I need to do that yet. The instructions are not clear as the version of the Encoder is new and my lack of audio video terminology is weak. So I have not been able to get this done properly.

Step 1 - Encoding the file
Ensure that the recording is in the Windows Media player format AND NOT the GoToMeeting format. You will need to have the file in the Windows Media Player format before you continue. If you have neglected to convert the recording, use the Windows Media Encoder to get the file out of the GoToMeeting format.
Use the Windows Media Encoder on the File Here are the steps to download/install Windows Media Encoder, then how to process a video with the original settings.
1. Go to
2. Click 'Continue' on the web page
3. Click 'Install' at the prompt
4. Click 'Run' at the prompt
5. Follow the installer directions to complete installation.
1. Click "Start", then "Programs"
2. Choose "Windows Media", then click "Windows Media Encoder"
3. Click "Convert a File", then "OK"
5. Click "Browse" next to Source file: and find your GoToMeeting video 6. Choose "File Download" and click "Next >"
7. Click "Next >", no changes
8. Click "Next >" again, no changes
9. Uncheck "Begin converting when I click Finish"
10. Click "Finish"
11. Click the "Properties" button
12. Click the "Compression" tab
13. Click the "Edit" button
14. Highlight whatever is in the Bit Rates box 15. Click "Edit"
16. Check the box for "Same as video input"
17. Click "OK"
19. Click "Apply"
20. Click "Start Encoding"

I opened my GTM WMV file and could not find the same steps available in Encoder 4. I did go to Encoder 4 and chose File|Encode and the file began to show a timer countdown to encode. However. I do not know if this file is now save or if I need to resave or export or convert somehow back into the WMV file.......Or is it. If it is then what remains is still not functional for Camtasia to work with edit and save in the most basic way.
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If the problem is that you are looking for a means to encode the video in WMV format, I would recommend WinFF as a free GUI tool for the FFMPEG command line video encoder (included with WinFF) that supports many formats.

What is likely the problem, however, is that the Camtasia is not compatible with the WMV codec you have on your system. What's going to happen is any software you download that converts files to WMV will probably be using the same codec, and will therefore produce the same result. You might first want to try to download a new WMV codec per the instructions here (link to Microsoft download page is provided with instructions):

Then, re-encode your WMV file using any encoding software on your system, or something like WinFF.
RUA Volunteer2?Tableau Trainer & Consultant Sales Exec.Author Commented:
I am assuming I will have to redo the editing again on the file.

Here is what I did. I took the original file which came directly from the auto format conversion from the GoToMeeting format to to WMV.  That file has never been able to take the edits I make and render back to a WMV for sending to clients developers etc.

So I opened your WinFF and selected the original WMV and chose to convert it to WMV again.
I am now in the process of re-editing the file so that I can try again to send it to a WMV file I can render. Prior to this the file has stopped rendering at either 52.8% to 64.7%.

I am going to go ahead and redo the edit for the 20th time. I pray this works.

I looked at the codec download and it seemed to be for the MAC. I am on a PC. When I downloaded the file, it seemed to come back with unable to open DMG file. Is this really needed since I do have the latest version of QuickTime.?
RUA Volunteer2?Tableau Trainer & Consultant Sales Exec.Author Commented:
Can you identify if by my original question I used the encoding process correctly here? I would think I have the latest encodes as I installed the latest QuickTime and Expressions Encoder 4?

 >I opened my GTM WMV  file and could not find the same steps available in Encoder 4. I did go  to Encoder 4 and chose File|Encode and the file began to show a timer  countdown to encode. However. I do not know if this file is now save or  if I need to resave or export or convert somehow back into the WMV  file.......Or is it.<

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RUA Volunteer2?Tableau Trainer & Consultant Sales Exec.Author Commented:
I just used the WinFF as stated above. It just changed my 26 mb file (20 minutes of video audio) down to a 3 second 64kb clip.

I just wiped it out.

Fortunately I had converted it to an MOV file several days ago. It seems that using the WinFF just deleted 99% of the file I had started with. I used Format Factory early on in the process to see if I could convert the original WMV to the MOV. I am pretty much afraid to use the WinFF after what it just did.

Do you have any other suggestions?
Sorry, the link I provided was ambiguous, and the results on that page have already changed. It still sounds like a your WMV codec is not compatible with your WMV video.

So, let's clarify a few things -

The file you get from GoToMeeting is a WMV file (whether or not it works, that's the extension that it has). The instructions they sent to you are for converting a G2M2 file to a WMV file. If you already have a WMV file, you can't "re-convert" it to WMV - your computer will use the same codec to decode and re-encode the file, which is also the same codec that your video editing software uses to decode/encode the file. This means that if you can't edit it to begin with, re-encoding will not help.

That's why I recommended trying to find a WMV codec update - you may have to just get a Windows Media Player update to do that. If all else fails, some have had success with this software:

There is a cost for the software, but it will be able to convert the G2M encoded videos (even G2M WMV is encoded using their proprietory codec) to other formats that will be compatible with your video editing software.
RUA Volunteer2?Tableau Trainer & Consultant Sales Exec.Author Commented:
The gotomeeting file does open and can be viewed on the Windows Media Viewer.

I thought that if the file coming out of G2M could be opened and watched in the Windows Media Viewer then I had the right codec?

Also I can edit the file easliy in the Camtasia Studio 7 with the original file WMV or the converted file MOV.

Now I am getting a sudden error in Camtasia for the first time ever......
file has an Invalid frame rate of 0 and cannot be opened.

I will try your other tool. I have the Windows Media Player Version 12.0.7600.16415

Any other thoughts are appreciated.
That's interesting.

If you were able to successfully convert to MOV, have you tried converting back to WMV, perhaps on a different machine? Also, do you have the G2M codec or any third party codec packs installed on your system (for instance, K-Lite)?
RUA Volunteer2?Tableau Trainer & Consultant Sales Exec.Author Commented:
I did have the K-lite installed.
I can covert and view any of them.
I can edit any of them except when I edit the MOV it is painfully slow and difficult. It too can be done.
I can convert them with Format Factory in any direction I want to go.
What I cannot do is edit and render them and I cannot just render those files from G2M. The error with the file without an edit cropping out wasted content gives me an error of "Out of memory in Cam7" which is not true.
If I shorten it and then render it stops again with the file saying the file has a frame rate of 0 and stops as well.

After 6 days of fighting it I called TechSmith and they gave me instructions to convert to an MP4 in Format factory and it finally rendered in Camtasia Studio 7. What an ordeal.

I can render it now after converting it to MP4 in Format factory then  edit and render it in Cam 7 it works. but only back to MP4 not to  another version like WMV. (the video worked for it not the audio)

Yes sounds like the problem is WMV dreadful format to use to edit that's a MS codec, then Camatasia Studio not really suitable for WMV, what exactly did you want to do with editing ??
What I would  have done is use Super to convert it to mpg or mp4 then reduce the video scale and lower the audio bitrates in Super this will reduce the output size, then edit it
Even Nero Vision is very good for editing cutting splicing and exporting to the hard disk.
Same with Windows Live Movie Maker you could have edited the WMV in  WLMM it since WMV is native to it.
There is a Virtual Dub Mod ( mpeg) ( avi)  which is very easy to use cut off bits of the video to shorten it.
VLC to convert /capture
These are very simple tools but excellent and reliable when you need a quick conversion or edit or append clips  so that the other tools can use the video clips
Just a little additive for your knowledgbase

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RUA Volunteer2?Tableau Trainer & Consultant Sales Exec.Author Commented:
So far I have been able to convert it to mp4 and get Camtasia to work. i will try some of your other suggestions.Thank you very much.
Great!!  and you're welcome..
yeah once it's a suitable format opens all those other doors.
Best Wishes
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