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Mifare 1K Contact less Card ACS 122 Reader

Hi Not sure if i can get any help for this here but still wanted to try my luck

I am using ACS made ACR 122 contact less reader with NXP mifare 1k cards. I want to know how change the security settings on Mifare card with C# windows application. I basically want to change the default PIN.

Though ACS supplies easykey app with SDK it does not have source and I cant integrate into my application being developed.

Any one know how to change PIN programatically ?
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if ACS does not provide you any API specification for security services, you should ask them for support - maybe they are undocumented because no one asked for it yet.
Contact acs and ask them if it is possible.
The access to EasyKey libraries may be restricted or not available. so it's better to ask. I think it's the most practical solution, since these security services are provided by acr122 drivers.