How can I resolve a .com address internally? Autodiscover .com address not resolving correctly in Outlook.

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I'm trying to figure out some issues with autodiscover not working for Outlook, and right now it's narrowed down to the fact that Outlook can't resolve

at test-outlookwebservices | fl, I get this:

ID: 1003
Type: Information
Message: About to test AutoDiscover with the email address administrator@domain.local.

Id: 1007
Type: Information
Message: Testing server server.domain.local with the published name .

Id: 1019
Type: Information
Message: Found a valid AutoDiscover service connection point.  The AutoDiscover URL on this object is

Id: 1013
Type: Error
Message: When contacting received the error 'The remote name could not be resolved: '''

Id: 1006
Type: Error
Message: The Autodiscover service could not be contacted

How can I add an entry to DNS server to resolve

Do I place it in a Forward Lookup Zone?

Other possible issues?

I just set this up after importing a UCC certificate which contains:

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to lookup dns settings use nslookup
to setup local dns or simply use the hosts file to overide dns settings
First, find you host file:
Windows NT/2000/XP Pro c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
Windows XP Home c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

addto the end of the file
 ip.address   Server.domain.local
and so on. replace ip.address with the correct ip address


If I leave "" in the Forward Lookup Zone (pointed to "autodiscover.domain.local")

then, "nslookup" =

Server: Unknown
Address: w.x.y.z (Exchange server's internal IP)

Name: domain.local
Address: w.x.y.z (Exchange server's internal IP)


If I remove the record from the Forward Lookup Zone:

Server: Unknown
Address: w.x.y.z (Exchange server's internal IP)
***Unknown can't find Non-existent domain

try nslookup -debug DNS.IP.ADDRESS
or try nslookup -debug DNS.SERVER
 maybe it will show you more information

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