Remote Desktop won't connect - windows 7

I wish to connect to my workplace desktop, which is a Windows 7 x64 Pro.  When it is logged in, I can freely access.  But when the machine is logged off, Remote Desktop will not connect.  It is located on a domain and I am entering \\<domain>\user.  Here is what I've researched and tried:

1. checked the settings - all are "allow"
2. tried to login as admin both locally and as the domain admin
3. Turned off "sleep" settings - never sleeps

Any ideas?
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what is the error msg you are getting?

as an alternative you can try using I been using it for long time, its free (unless more features are needed), updates IP address automaticly if it changes, and will let you get in to the login screen.
mike8500Author Commented:
"Remote Desktop cannot connect to the remote computer for one of these reasons:  1) not enabled 2) turned off 3) not available on the network" (paraphrased).  

Just found that I cannot ping even though I've turned off the sleep function.  But it seems that Windows 7 may also turn off the network adapter after inactivity.  I'm trying a magic packet now.
Is the network card set to allow the computer to turn off this device to conserve power?

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is there a firewall blocking it? does the workplace have a firewall

test to see if your port is open with shields up
if your ports are stelth you have a firewall on.

check to see is windows configured your firewall to allow RDP.

are you using a shared ip, if so the router might need to allow access to your workstation?

(logmein will be able to overcome the firewall)
mike8500Author Commented:
No windows firewall and RDC is open on the ipcop firewall.
mike8500Author Commented:
My next step is to check the network card settings (which I have to do locally on Monday).
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