Intel S5000VSA won't POST -- System Status LED flashing green -- PSU LED solid red

My customer's Server recently stopped POSTing.
It has been working for a few years prior to this issue

The motherboard is an Intel S5000VSA w/ an SC5299BRP chassis

When the server is plugged in:
- the server enables standby / diagnostic mode
- the PSU fan turns on - the top led turns solid green
- the 4th front indicator LED from the top (triangle w/ an exclamation point inside) briefly flashes green & red then turns solid green
- the system status LED (upper left most portion of the motherboard - under the PS/2 connectors) briefly flashes yellow & green then turns solid green

When I push the power button on the front:
- the system doesn't start up
- the 1st PSU LED that was green turns off - the 2nd PSU LED that was off turns red
- after a brief period, the 4th front indicator LED that was solid green starts flashing green
- the system status LED also flashes green

I've currently stripped the Server to the core hardware - CPU, 1 stick of RAM, PSU, motherboard.
I've tried all 3 Memory DIMMs separately.

Sadly, the first time I did this earlier, the Server did boot. It continued to boot with all the other hardware included, until I added the case fan, then it reverted back to this issue.

I tried using a different case fan, and then removed all the additional hardware.  It hasn't booted since.

Does anyone know what's causing this?


Intel S5000VSA Motherboard
Intel SC5299BRP Chassis
HIPRO HP-Q6100XC 610W Power Supply
Xeon CPU (don't know the exact model) in Processor 1 socket
Processor 2 socket empty
Intel socket 771 stock Heatsink / Fan
4GB Kingston PC2-5300F DDR2-667 ECC Fully Buffered Memory (1 2GB DIMM, 2 1GB DIMMs)

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Chris BRetiredCommented:
Flashing green indicates - degraded condition. They will usually boot at this point though. Can you try a different PSU, particularly if your customer does not use a UPS? Do the caps look OK on the board? If you start it with no RAM does it beep enthusiastically? Also try unplugging from power and remove the bios battery for say 1 hour.

Chris B
Chris BRetiredCommented:
User guide with beep and led error codes at the end.

Chris B
Clownie669Author Commented:
Thanks for responding so quickly.

I don't have another Server PSU to test.  I have an OCZ 600W Consumer PSU.  It has the 24-pin and dual 4-pin connectors that are on this board.  Could that be used for testing?

The caps on the motherboard appear undamaged.

The motherboard does not beep when I turn it on w/ no memory installed.

I removed the battery about 50min ago.
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Clownie669Author Commented:
Removing the battery didn't work.  Same issue.
Clownie669Author Commented:
Actually the issue has changed.  When I push the power button, the 2 LEDs on the PSU still turn from green to red; but the 4th front indicator LED on the case, and system status LED on the motherboard, that were flashing green, now stay solid green.
Chris BRetiredCommented:
The fact it booted once points to PSU, but not 100% of course, it is a computer after all. Could be a mobo / caps issue though, they don't have to look blown to be damaged. I think your OCZ psu would be OK for testing, but i can't find specs that confirm it beyond doubt. If you can access a PSU tester to confirm the outputs then it should be safe to try. Using a tester on the problematic PSU may also give an indicaton as to what may be amiss.

I have one of these. Cheap and effective.

Chris B

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Clownie669Author Commented:
Sorry for not responding sooner.  Sick.

Burrcm's last solution was correct.  I used a power supply tester on the server PSU, and it didn't work.  

I tested my OCZ PSU in the server and it booted right up.  In fact, it's been running on it since Monday.

Should be fine until a replacement can be ordered.

Thanks again!
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