Limiting Cisco VPN Users (connections) per group policy

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What I would like to do is limit the amount of users on a group policy connecting to the VPN. What I have done is just create one user and limit the amount of simultaneous logins which has worked, but would preferably like to give everyone a username and password. Only just have so many of those people be able to connect to the group policy of that part of the VPN at any one time.

I figured out that I could limit the address pool to only give as many IP's as I want users and that seems to work but I am thinking there is a better way to do this. I do not want to limit the amount of connections across the entire appliance either though.

So if there is a way to basically do simultaneous connection across a group policy and not just how many times a single username can be logged in, would be much appreciated on to be shown how that is done.

Using a Cisco 5510 firewall.

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Thanks for the document but it didn't have what I am looking for. It has "Simultaneous Logins—Specifies the maximum number of simultaneous logins allowed for this user. The default value is 3. The minimum value is 0, which disables login and prevents user access." So I guess I am looking for that, but per individual username. So if I have 20 users, I only want 10 to be able to connect at any one time, not the limit of how many times the same username can connect.

you are using cisco ipsec vpn client or something else?
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Yes, using Cisco IPSEC connection with the cisco VPN client version 5
While there is no maximum limit, allowing several simultaneous connections might compromise
security and affect performance.
(as per cisco)


Correct, but I want to set one
read this document and go for figure 13-2

you can set the value as per your requirement.
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