SharePoint Designer: Sending parameters with "Navigate to Page" form action

I want to create a custom button in my SharePoint form that uses Form Actions that commit the changes in the fields and then navigate to a designated page.  This works very well.

Then I want to send a parameter with the URL, for example: http://.../customform.aspx?ID={@ID}.  SharePoint Designer offers this option, but I have not been able to make it work.  Every time it just sends the literal {@ID} instead of it's content.

Has anyone solved this issue?
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So the user is sent to the designated page successfully, and when the user is done with that page, you want to direct them to a form for the list item they're working on - is that right?
leopoldeAuthor Commented:

For other existing items in Edit forms I've obtained promising results by creating an XSL variable that stores de ID and then use "$ID" instead of "@ID" to send it as a parameter.

But this has been particularly difficult for New items, because the ID is not defined until the first form has been saved.

Do you know any effective way to do it?

My usage scenario was to display a "Print Repair Form" if certain conditions were met. The button I display is hyperlinked to a custom printable form for that item.  Rather than just typing in ?ID={@ID} at the end of the hyperlink, I used the fx button to point the link to the ID column in the list. That worked for me, whereas typing it in didn't - which made some sense, as I think the list ID and then the variable item ID is picked up by doing it this way. That's just a newbie's guess though. And it wasn't used for new items, they were all existing items.

I  had no luck at all using a Form Action to Commit, then a Navigate to Page using the exact same process. It drove me nuts.  
leopoldeAuthor Commented:
In the end, I abandoned the idea of calling a hyperlink from a "New" custom form, if the ID of the new item to be created was needed as part of the hyperlink.

In cases where I wanted to do the same from an "Edit"  custom form, it worked perfectly without needing to create an XSL variable. I think I only needed to modify the URL created by SharePoint Designer as following:
   http://.../customform.aspx?ID=',@ID,'... (the rest of the URL comes here)
   instead of  http://.../customform.aspx?ID={@ID}...

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leopoldeAuthor Commented:
I'm accepting my own comment as a solution because it provides a partial answer to my question.
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