Setting physical memory limits for Solaris non-global zone

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Hi folks,

I have a Solaris 10 host with multiple non-global zones.  A couple of them are now starting to misbehave and I need to consider implementing some resource controls.  Specifically, I would like to know if it is possible to restrict the physical memory available to a zone, and if so, how?

I must admitt I have found the literature available on the topic confusing so any help would be appreciated.

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It depends on the version of Solaris 10 you are using. After Solaris 10 8/07, memory capping was added to zone controls.

So, all you have to do is use zonecfg to add a memory cap:

global# zonecfg -z myzone
zonecfg:myzone> add capped-memory
zonecfg:myzone:capped-memory> set physical=500m
zonecfg:myzone:capped-memory> end
zonecfg:myzone> exit

You will also need to enable the svc:/system/rcap:default to get the cap enforced.

Here is a link that gives some examples:


many thanks blu - that article nailed it for me.

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