Can I Install IE8 and IE9 at the same time in the flexible Windows 7?

Hello. With the 'new' flexibility of Windows 7, you can install Internet Explorer 9 Beta AND STILL HAVE Windows 8 installed AT THE SAME TIME??? Obviously, under regular or normal installation procedures, this cannot happen. IE8 is either blocked, upgraded or removed when IE9 is installed. But is there any other way, trick, or method to have them BOTH AT THE SAME TIME so you can select the version of IE you want to use???

Please reply.

Thank you!
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Todd GerbertIT ConsultantCommented:
To my knowledge, no - too many pieces of Internet Explorer are system-wide components. The only option that comes to mind is to use Virtual PC and install another copy of Windows with IE 9 in a virtual machine (but then you'd need to license another copy of Windows).

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No, IE9 Beta replaces IE 8.  You can uninstall IE9 and it will return back to IE8.
ComputerCamperAuthor Commented:

@ tgerbert:

Please explain what you mean by " (but then you'd need to license another copy of Windows).
"? Can't Virtual PC exist as an installed part of the real (or main) installed Windows 7 operating system?

Please explain.

Thank you!
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Ravi AgrawalCommented:
I am speaking for tgbert just in case he is busy :-)

Installing an OS in a Virtual machine requires you to buy a license for the version of windows which you wish to install on the VM. Treat the Virtual Machine very much like a real machine in terms of licensing.

Running under a VM is a good way to go.  You can back up the VHD (in the case of Windows Virtual PC) at particular times before you attempt something new that might wreck the OS, and easily return back.  You can run test software, or software that you wouldn't otherwise want to run on a native production machine.

Or run IE9 knowing you could uninstall and return to IE8 (so far, I have had pretty good success with it, although I am running it on a test machine machine and not in production - but I use it often especially for development testing).
Microsoft has NEVER been smart enough to allow people to run two versions of Internet explorer.  The reason?? Well the program ties into SYSTEM level DLLs in the OS, and those DLLs will only EVER work with a version of IE that is concurrent with the DLLs -- if you try to add an old or newer one, it will not work, because it makes DIRECT calls to DLLs that, unless the right version will always FAIL.

This points out a fundamental FLAW in M$ thinking -- in fact, there is NO REASON ON EARTH why a web browser should be tied to a series of OS DLL versions -- but M$ is like a scorpion -- it is so used to stinging its prey, that it cannot ever conceive of a different way to do it.

DUMP IE, and go to a browser like SeaMonkey, that not only provides OS-independent browsing, but has the most robust EMAIL client there is, integrated into the program !!!
ComputerCamperAuthor Commented:

Hi! Thanks for your reply. Yes, I use SeaMonkey at times too. I love it. I like it better than even Firefox. Many add-ons of Firefox will work with SeaMonkey. SeaMonkey is the next evolution of FIrefox since Mozilla works with that too. I like integrated e-mail and browser together with SeaMonkey, even though I do not use the e-mail integrated component. I use Outlook 2007 right now because of the organizational system Office 2007 uses I am familiar of. I hope it gets more popularity in time.  
ComputerCamperAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your replies. Time to close this thread. THANK YOU!!!
ComputerCamperAuthor Commented:
Thank you! Let it be noted that there is no one answer by one expert here. All expert comments that were applicable/correct to my two questions are equal answers for my two questions regardless how EE stipulates its reward policies. I had to choose an "accepted solution" per EE, so I naturally selected the one above becuase his answer was more complete, but like I said all applicable/correct answers to my two questions in this thread are answers. All reward points are fairly distributed.

Again, thank you!!!  
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