Perl script to run scripts sequentially

I got 10 script..ScriptA, ScriptB, Script C....I need to run them one after another.
First, I need to run ScriptA, then if and only if ScriptA is successfull, then I need to run ScriptB, and in a same way ScriptC...and on on. Could you please help to advice, can we do this using perl script.
Does anybody did this in your past, please let me know if you have such script or guide me how to write a one. basically I am looking for a job scheduling script.
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I'd use a shell script, eg:
for script in scriptA scriptB scriptC scriptD
  /path/to/$script || exit $?

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perl -e 'my @scripts = qw(ScriptA, ScriptB, ScriptC, ScriptD, $ScriptN);

  for my $script (@scripts) {
    system($script) or die($script . " Failed\n");

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Similar as above, I would call scripts with "do" instead of a system command.

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CrazycruxAuthor Commented:
Hi TRW-Consulting,
Thanks, it helped. One last thing. after getting the output I need to compare the result with another output which is already in my system. I am able to compare the result but since few row order is different comparion is not correct.
Lets say output of my ScriptA has 100 rows and 10 column, I need compare this with another file which has similar data. Basically, i need to sort the file and then compare it.
Please help.
You have now added and changed your original question. Don't you think it appropriate to make that a new question?  And it would require additional information with sample data.

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CrazycruxAuthor Commented:
Yes, you are correct. Thanks.
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